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26 Ways Retail Marketers Can Use Periscope

POSTED ON: 10/20/15 Retail Marketing Periscope

With all due respect to Gil Scott-Heron, I believe the revolution will be televised.

How can it not, with a camera in almost every hand and simple-to-use platforms that broadcast visuals to the world. The latest of these is Periscope (owned by Twitter).

If YouTube fell in love with Snapchat, the product of their union would be Periscope, a mobile app that allows users to broadcast live video (called Scopes) to audiences. Viewers can “heart” the content they like, and can further interact by submitting comments and questions in real time. The Scope is only available for 24 hours. (More “what is it?” details in last week’s post; here we get into the “why?” and “how?”)

Periscope is rejuvenating the social media landscape (and the marketer’s toolbox) with these fleeting, in-the-moment broadcasts. The app is the result of a shift in both social media and society itself; Periscope is a response to the individual’s need to be immersed in relevant and remarkable real-time happenings.

Because this type of live streaming is in its early stages, companies are still exploring the most effective ways to use Periscope. That said, leading brands like Target, Adidas, GE, Taco Bell and even the New York Yankees are already leveraging the app as part of their social media strategies. Retail marketers who want to connect honestly and emotionally with shoppers should test drive this low-cost, high-engagement tool as well.

Why? Because video is crazy popular. Cisco reported that consumer internet video traffic will take up 80 percent of all internet traffic in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2014.

Plus, the rawness of the live stream – unedited and unfiltered content – reveals a more realistic and connective side of a business. Periscope showcases immediacy and authenticity that is often lost on the editing room floor when perfecting traditional brand video pieces. With this app, videos may have flaws, and they could end in disaster, but that’s what makes it so engaging for the audience.

Without a doubt, Periscope is a high-stakes venture for retail marketers. The app transports the shopper behind the scenes, so it’s critical to make sure that she likes what she sees back there. But rather than shy away, retail brands should adopt an experimental mindset, because Periscope will be a powerful tool for linking in-store and online experiences.

Here are 26 ideas for retail marketers to explore with Periscope:

  1. Interview conference attendees
  2. Feature the CEO commenting on an industry development
  3. Unveil a new product
  4. Showcase a logo, marketing piece or campaign and ask for feedback
  5. Host a Q and A
  6. Take viewers behind the scenes at a store-opening event
  7. Broadcast a company party
  8. Interview industry leaders
  9. Allow a celebrity take-over
  10. Tease an upcoming webinar
  11. Demonstrate a process
  12. Show viewers the inner workings of the brand
  13. Facilitate a panel discussion
  14. Reveal survey results
  15. Offer a sneak peek of a new product line
  16. Conduct a survey
  17. Run a contest or insider promotion
  18. Solicit shopper experiences
  19. Stage an “ask the expert” event
  20. Showcase testimonials
  21. Host a walking tour of store windows
  22. Broadcast in-store events / demos
  23. Showcase a product design process
  24. Interview shoppers
  25. Introduce staff
  26. Provide VIP pre-event coverage
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