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43 Personas of the Retail Artist

POSTED ON: 09/08/15 Retail Artist

It’s been days since our latest triumphant quest to discover the best and brightest in signage and display trends (check them out). And still, the visuals I experienced – bold and thoughtful arrangements of words and colors and things – continue to play through my mind.

The images are dramatic, beautiful and evocative. They invite participation and demand speculation. I marvel at the telling details and great swaths of narrative. This mental slideshow is a riot of color and ideas and truths, where scale is manipulated and perspective is challenged, literally and figuratively.

As these big thoughts bounce around in my head, I realize that this is how I feel after an afternoon at the Museum of Modern Art. What I witnessed last week in those stores was art; portraits of real life and landscapes that tell us about the future.

Retail marketers and display and signage designers are artists – real artists who work to evoke emotion, pose questions and challenge the status quo. They have to be. Their galleries may have dressing rooms and window displays rather than ornate frames and halls of portraits, but they still tell their stories with passion and wit.

I prove my point with 43 distinct personas that great artists, retail marketers and designers can and should assume:

  1. Guide
  2. Agent Provocateur
  3. Philosopher
  4. Anarchist
  5. Observer
  6. Social Commentator
  7. Rebel
  8. Engineer
  9. Visionary
  10. Risk taker
  11. Humorist
  12. Magician
  13. Auteur
  14. Truth-teller
  15. Conman
  16. Mystic
  17. Psychologist
  18. Maven
  19. Ringmaster
  20. Social Archeologist
  21. Skeptic
  22. Clown
  23. Teacher
  24. Misfit
  25. Translator
  26. Archivist
  27. Spokesperson
  28. Naysayer
  29. Explorer
  30. Malcontent
  31. Motivator
  32. Hero
  33. Manipulator
  34. Champion
  35. Messenger
  36. Set Designer
  37. Architect
  38. Child
  39. Mudslinger
  40. Raconteur
  41. Technician
  42. Soothsayer
  43. Salesman
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