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44 Other Ways to Say “Shopper”

POSTED ON: 06/25/15 Shopper

A few weeks ago, I heard a retail CEO refer to his customers as guests. It stuck with me. Up until that point, I had only heard that term used in the hospitality industry.

(And of course in the land of Disney, where “cast members” make sure the guests have a great time, and are not allowed to point with a single finger, which I accidently did once and got in big trouble for. But I digress.)

I believe this executive has the right idea. The shopping experience has changed and so have the people doing the buying. Today’s shopper is educated and demanding, with high expectations. She has in-store needs, and she wants all of them met (even those that contradict one another, like privacy and personalization).

Retail marketers who consider her “just a shopper” might be casting too small a net. To give her a great experience, it’s important to understand and respond to her many roles. Because it’s this multi-faceted shopper who now sets the agenda.

To jumpstart thinking about the many faces of the guests in your store, here are 44 Other Things the Shopper Is

  1. Maven
  2. Reviewer
  3. Novice
  4. Seeker
  5. Skeptic
  6. Adventurer
  7. Spy
  8. Connoisseur
  9. Critic
  10. Friend
  11. Partner
  12. Explorer
  13. Curator
  14. Publisher
  15. Hunter
  16. Artist
  17. Contributor
  18. Social Butterfly
  19. Guide
  20. Style-maker
  21. Joiner
  22. Reporter
  23. Cheerleader
  24. Child (wide-eyed)
  25. Child (petulant)
  26. Discoverer
  27. Know-it-all
  28. Celebrity
  29. Judge
  30. Trend-starter
  31. Thrill Seeker
  32. Bargain Finder
  33. Community Member
  34. Provider
  35. Fashion Victim
  36. Practitioner
  37. Haggler
  38. Visionary
  39. Escapist
  40. Traveler
  41. Economist
  42. Idealist
  43. Star Worshiper
  44. Influencer
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