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A Sales Associate By Any Other Name

POSTED ON: 12/10/15 Shopper Experience

Years ago, retail salespersons prided themselves on building and maintaining a clientele – a dedicated group of dependable shoppers that they nurtured, catered to and served with great attention to detail. Basically, they invented personalization and shopper experience with only a pad, a pen and a great memory.

The number of these clientele-focused sales associates dwindled with the onset of big-box stores, mass merchandisers, self-serve checkout and online shopping. Until recently.

A 2014 A.T. Kearney study found that 90 percent of all retail sales still take place in stores. Shoppers once again want to be considered clientele. They need to feel special and cared for and appreciated. They demand options in their shopping experiences and seek to build meaningful relationships with the brands they love. And once again, it is up to the sales associate to enable that connection.

The pad and pen have been replaced with the tablet and smartphone, but the basics of quality service and relationship building still require a human touch. Enter the clientele-building Sales Associate 2.0.

Empowered by digital technology (just like the shopper), today’s sales associate employs the right mix of digital, mobile-assisted mechanisms to connect with the shopper. Engagement-facilitating dashboards, contextual menus, triggering events, automated recommendations, peer access platforms and business process workflows are her tools for integrating in-store service, product, signage and display experiences.

The meaning of “sales associate” has evolved based on this new technology and the resurgence of the clientele mindset (much like “retail designer,” “display” and “catalog.”) Following are 42 things a sales associate can also be:

  1. Advisor
  2. Stylist
  3. Reality Check
  4. Personal Shopper
  5. Confidant
  6. Expediter
  7. Guide
  8. Consultant
  9. Host
  10. Watchdog
  11. Forecaster
  12. Sounding Board
  13. Hunter
  14. Gatherer
  15. Visionary
  16. Conspirator
  17. Conscience
  18. Planner
  19. Honest Voice
  20. Voice of Reason
  21. Point of View
  22. Psychologist
  23. Advocate
  24. Dresser
  25. Cheerleader
  26. Instigator
  27. Researcher
  28. Traffic Cop
  29. Consultant
  30. Mirror
  31. Inspirer
  32. Advance Man
  33. Mastermind
  34. Butler
  35. Facilitator
  36. Translator
  37. Expert
  38. Demonstrator
  39. Interpreter
  40. Delivery Person
  41. Provocateur
  42. Influencer
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