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Nine Questions to Ensure Effective Retail Store Merchandising

How many times have you heard a shopper exclaim, “Those Rococo-inspired chairs in the corner make me want to buy sweaters in every color you have!”? Never. Because it’s retail store merchandising, not retail store decorating. Interior decorating speaks to


Power Selling at the Retail Pop-up Shop

A retail pop-up shop is a beautiful, versatile thing. It can revitalize a brand, launch a product, test a theory or build major buzz. It can also help you move some merch. Hence the “shop” part of “retail pop-up shop.”


Privacy and the Ideal Shopper Experience

We know that consumers prefer shopping in physical stores, and that the shopper experience is paramount. Ergo, retail marketers, the answer is simple: shower your guests with attention. Unless she wants you to leave her alone. The shopper is giving


Street Teams Build Pop-up Patronage

Some of the most effective retail pop-up marketing is done nowhere near the actual pop-up. Smart marketers deploy street teams – merry bands of brand ambassadors acting as 21st-century carnival barkers – to build buzz and drive attendance.

future of retail

Forward Thinking – The Future of Retail

CBRE’s The Future of Retail | 2030 looks at the state of shoppers and shopping 13 years from now. Forty fascinating insights demonstrate the continued evolution of buying and selling.


Popping Up in 2018 – Retail Pop-up Trends

If you monitor retail pop-up trends, then you’re well aware that this bona fide marketing tactic is booming, in terms of budget, popularity and creativity.

best marketing books

Must-Reads – The Best Marketing Books of 2017

You’re spending a precious few minutes reading a marketing blog, so it feels safe to assume that you are 1) a marketer, 2) curious about the ever-changing world in which you work, and 3) someone who can read. So this list


Holiday Windows as Pop-up Inspiration

The retail holiday window is a time-honored and highly anticipated tradition. In major cities, it also serves as a tourist attraction, a national newsmaker and pop-up inspiration.

signage mistakes

Four Avoidable Holiday Signage Mistakes

A couple of days ago (on I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Doing-This Sunday, which I just invented to fall between Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday), I ventured out into retail world to do some basic marketing reconnaissance. I saw some decent displays, bumped into

retail design

Hot Retail Design Trends: Retail@StreetLevel

It’s a challenge to continuously produce fresh retail design to visually present your brand and your products to an already over-stimulated shopper. How do you grab her attention? “Wow” her? Draw her into your story? That takes something new. Lucky

retail pop-up promotion

Zen and the Art of Retail Pop-up Promotion

What if you threw a retail pop-up and no one came? If a retail marketer falls in an empty pop-up, does he make a noise? What is the sound of no hands clapping? Thought-provoking questions. And terrifying to those whose

Retail Pop-up Design

Retail Pop-up Design; Go With the Flow

It’s important to remember that there will be people in your pop-up; a strategy for managing traffic flow is a mandatory element of good retail pop-up design.

retail signage design

Retail Signage Design Fails in Outdoor

A great Shopper Moment™ begins with an eye for detail and flawless execution of the fundamentals. Even with something as basic as outdoor signage. ESPECIALLY with something as basic as outdoor signage.

retail pop-up strategy

Retail Pop-up Strategy and the Art of the Exit

Retail marketers put a lot of effort into getting shoppers into pop-ups.


Building Store Traffic; 5 Ways to Win the DIY Shopper

How can home improvement retailers help their shoppers get their hands dirty? 

Retail Pop-up Strategy

Freebies in the Retail Pop-up Strategy

If your retail pop-up strategy does not include a parting gift for every visitor, you’re missing an important opportunity to extend the Shopper Moment.

social media marketing

Last-Minute Social Media Marketing Hacks

Is your brand’s social presence starving for some Halloween spirit?

big box retail

Eleven More Ways to Shine as a Little Brand in Big Box Retail

You can have a significant impact on sales by making sure your brand name appears all over the store – even if your actual product doesn’t.

Pop-up Retail Marketing

How to Engage Shoppers in Your Pop-up Retail Marketing

They say, in life, it’s all about who you know. But when it comes to pop-up retail marketing, what matters more is who knows you.

big box retailers

Fourteen Ways To Shine as a Little Brand at Big Box Retailers

How does the little guy get his fair share of shelf space?