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Be Gone, Dull Retail; A New eBook

POSTED ON: 03/18/16 Retail Marketing eBook

Hear ye!

We must vanquish all that is average. We are duty bound to annihilate the ordinary. The commonplace. Must. Be. Crushed.

Apologies, retail folk, for going all medieval on your anchor store, but this is important.

Shoppers are bored.

They seek encounters, adventures and experiences. Unfortunately, what many of them discover instead is mediocrity. And when they do, they don’t return to the store. So, as retail marketers, we must rally together and stridently call for the death of mediocrity in the aisles.

This is our battle cry. It’s also the title of our new eBook.

The Death of Mediocrity in the Aisles: New Shopper Engagement Ideas & Insights for Retail Marketers is a collection of revised and updated blog posts about shopper engagement. This curated compendium features our best advice for creating meaningful shopper moments. We’ve also included an inspiring “translation guide” to the new language of retail marketing.

Because context is a good thing, we believe that these pieces, assembled as a whole, paint a clear picture of the state of the store experience and what retail marketers can do (must do) to excite and engage shoppers. We see this eBook as a primer, a conversation starter, a field guide. We hope you will as well.

To get a free copy of The Death of Mediocrity in the Aisles, just click here.

Huzzah, retail marketers! Huzzah!

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