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Crate Expectations – Shipping Container Pop-up

POSTED ON: 09/07/17 Shipping Container Pop-up

The idea of the shipping container pop-up has evolved from a curiosity to a fully legitimate mobile retail option. These converted crates provide brands with the opportunity to create unique shopper experiences for not a lot of scratch.

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A shipping container is a steel intermodal box used for importing and exporting. Sturdy and strong, these containers are relatively easy to acquire. A surplus of empty crates overwhelms ports of cities around the world.

The low-cost and solidly constructed crate offers the retail marketer a new set of physical store options. The humble shipping container pop-up has emerged as an extremely attractive solution for major brands (like Birkenstock) and online retailers seeking to create a terrestrial presence. (Birchbox was a pioneer in this space.)

These twenty- and forty-foot containers can be stacked, cantilevered and rotated vertically to create towers. (Shipping crate architectural design is often referred to as “cargotecture.”) This inherent flexibility (and the crate’s unique ability to act as its own billboard) makes the shipping container pop-up ideal for retailers looking to make a bold, unexpected statement.

In addition to delivering a healthy dose of cool, here are five more great features of shipping container pop-up:


Choosing a container size is only the first step. Align the pop-up design with your brand. Have the sides fold open, add windows, add doors, connect multiple units together or stack them for vertical space.



Speaking of vertical space, soaring ceilings are particularly impressive in a pop-up. Up-ended shipping containers positioned vertically can really draw a crowd. Keep shoppers interested by exhibiting the best you have to offer on your sky-scraping walls.



Shipping containers are often made from recycled materials. Utilizing these crates – giving them new life as a pop-up – is good for the environment.



A shipping container pop-up can be moved with a standard truck, so it’s easy to expand the geography of the experience. Literally go where your shoppers are.



Shipping container pop-up shops can grow with your business and event needs. Change the physical space nightly and give shoppers a reason to visit again and again.

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