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Creativity Tops the List

POSTED ON: 04/23/15 What sort of lists are you making as you put together your retail strategy?

Competition is fierce. Shoppers are demanding experiences. Dollars must work harder. The “store” is now a destination. There has never been a more challenging – or more invigorating – time for retail marketers. A new level of fearless creativity is required. To get the thoughts flowing, we offer the second in a short series of posts about creativity.     

Making a list is a great first step in developing new ideas. The pressure is off, the pace is fast and the chances of failure are minimal. Here’s a list of lists to get things started.

Five Reasons I Like List-Making to Create Marketing Ideas

  •  It’s quick
  •  It’s fun
  •  It’s gratifying
  •  It’s surprising
  •  It painlessly leads to creative flow

Five Reasons Creative List-Making Works

  • It’s specific; the form requires focused thinking
  • It’s empowering; breaks the assignment into manageable pieces
  • It’s perspective-building; allows for unexpected linking and patterning
  • It’s freeing; by-passes the inner critic
  • It’s immediate; develops creative fodder right away

Five Initial List Topics

  • Target audience
  • Rhyming words
  • Synonyms
  • Immediate images
  • Outrageous thoughts

Five Ways to Make Great Lists

  • Play with the words
  • Keep your pen moving
  • Be open to where your thoughts go
  • Ask specific questions
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself

Five Ways to Turn Your Lists Into Preliminary Concepts

  • Compare / contrast
  • Use list items to start new lists
  • Scan for common themes
  • Find twists of language
  • Appreciate the little gems
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