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POSTED ON: 12/24/15 What does your Christmas decor share with a great retail display?

All I can really think about right now is the upcoming holiday. I’m almost 100 percent sure that those are visions of sugarplums dancing in my head. I’ve been really good this year, so I’m expecting the big guy in red to do well by me. Just to make sure, my plan is to wait for him beside my resplendent Christmas tree. I’m passing the time by listing how many ways this holiday centerpiece is like a great retail display. (No, I don’t think that’s weird.)

A Christmas tree and a great retail display are…

  1. Emotionally resonant
  2. Attention-grabbing
  3. Symbolic
  4. Visually deep
  5. Detailed
  6. Surprising
  7. Artistic
  8. Layered
  9. Well-planned
  10. Evocative
  11. Provocative
  12. Explore-able
  13. Storied
  14. Imaginative
  15. Temporary
  16. Memory-making
  17. Gaze-able
  18. Meaningful
  19. Challenging
  20. Inspiring
  21. Amusing
  22. Visionary
  23. Awe-inducing
  24. Inviting
  25. Infused with personality
  26. Personalize-able
  27. Delightful
  28. Message-bearing
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