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Experts Share Secrets of In-Store Shopper Satisfaction in new Credibly Business Journal

POSTED ON: 11/01/16 Credibly New Issue

What does the shopper demand of an in-store experience?

Oh, not much. She just seeks an oasis of support; an avenue for escape; a gathering place for her tribe; a safe space for honesty and an experience that makes her a maven.

The new issue of the Credibly Business Journal* can help sort out in-store. This 25-page volume takes a thought-provoking look at the renewed importance of human contact and in-person interactions mandated by shoppers when visiting today’s physical retail environments.

“Nailing Your In-Store Strategy” is the second of a three-part series, and focuses on the value propositions unique to physical retail. The comprehensive issue features insights and challenging perspectives from retail and retail marketing heavy hitters who are redefining the industry in real time.

Therese Daves, Medallion Retail President and Owner, offers some frank talk about modern pop-up.

Consumer Anthropologists and authors Rich Kizer and Georganne Bender share their perspective on the expanded customer path.

CEO of The Retail Doctor Bob Phibbs speaks to the necessity of a well-trained, fully engaged sales associate.

And Nicole Leinbach Rehyle, Founder of Retail Minded, offers a new perspective on loss prevention.

Get your free copy of the Credibly Business Journal: “Nailing Your In-store Strategy” issue here.


*Credibly helps businesses get access to loans and working capital. The company caters exclusively to small and medium-sized businesses, striving to make the funding experience affordable, simple and transparent. Credibly combines data science with a human touch, working directly with customers to get them ideal-sized funding.

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