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Four Must-Haves for a Rollout That Rocks

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Congratulations; the store looks great. The signage is working hard, the displays are engaging, the brand essence is clear throughout. Now, let’s do it in 400 more locations.

The design and production of in-store visual programs should always be done with rollout in mind. The great ideas and executions that drive customers to buy usually have to work across a network of stores. Knowing the Rollout Big Four will help ensure that your fixture program, your signage and displays and your concept shops will be consistent, efficient and powerful across the region, country or globe.

For a successful rollout, make sure your program is:

Scalable. Not all stores within your network will be the same size or have the same floor plan. You need to make sure your program can be customized for every location yet still maintains its visual integrity.

Executable. If no one sees the display, it doesn’t matter how great it looks. Overly complicated or confusing assembly requirements mean that the set-up staff might get it wrong – or not bother at all. Easy-to-understand instruction sheets should be included with every element of the program.

Measureable. Finding out what worked – and what didn’t – is crucial to building a smart, future-oriented display program. Set benchmarks and monitor rollout progress and response. Use learnings to make future programs even more effective and hard working.

Produceable. A great retail display should be cost efficient – especially if you need to produce 400 of them. Expensive or hard-to-work-with materials won’t yield in-store visuals that recoup their investment. Practical thinking, combined with dollar-sensitive design strategy, can make the difference between a program that succeeds or fails.

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