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Happy Day After Memorial Day!

POSTED ON: 05/31/16 Retail Sale

Retailers were busy yesterday, but there are probably a few shoppers who missed a big sale. These were the folks who spent the day in the lake or at the BBQ or on the road.

Or waiting in a TSA security line. I fear those individuals are still there, wandering the circuitous maze that is the retractable belt line barrier system.

Luckily for everyone (except those souls trapped at the airport), there’s still time to take advantage of deals as retailers extend Memorial Day sales. Great news for avid shoppers, but for diverse and various reasons.

Everyone loves a sale, but the word now means different things to different people. Like so many other terms in the ever-evolving retail marketing vernacular (sales associate, fitting room), “sale” represents an individual, shopper-defined retail experience. These in-store moments translate to many things, including:

  1. A second chance
  2. A second round
  3. An opportunity
  4. A tactical move
  5. A mission
  6. A pastime
  7. A chase
  8. A strategic operation
  9. A gift
  10. A field trip
  11. A reunion
  12. A hunt
  13. An adventure
  14. A quest
  15. A challenge
  16. An invasion
  17. A “thank-you”
  18. A maneuver
  19. A party
  20. A temptation
  21. A siren’s song
  22. A celebration
  23. An occasion
  24. A redemption
  25. A possibility
  26. A rite of passage
  27. A lure
  28. A duty
  29. An expedition
  30. A pursuit
  31. An excursion
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