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Interaction, Unplugged

POSTED ON: 03/12/15 Retail display

Shoppers seek interaction. Many retail marketers immediately assume this means touchscreens, voice technology, virtual augmentation, 3D scanning, mobile apps, beacons, social platforms, motion sensors, personalized ads and whatever else cool we saw in Minority Report. And to some extent, it does.

A retail interaction is simply a shared moment; a connection that enhances the experience of the shopper by informing, entertaining, involving or delighting her. Technology can definitely make those moments happen. But so can classic signage and display.

It is a mistake to immediately equate in-store interaction with technology. It’s not about the delivery system; it’s about the experience that’s delivered, and the tone it needs to take.

Authenticity matters here. A block-long video screen will not work for everybody. Some brands call for warm, lovingly crafted visual in-store communications, among them Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters and Dylan’s Candy Bar. And certain products or lines – those that might be best described as artisanal, limited edition, hand sewn, custom built, artist rendered or old school – must reflect an attitude that is lower tech and higher touch.

As a reminder of the power of interaction unplugged, here is a list of 22 ways classic signage and display can engage the shopper.

  1. Examine a cutaway to see how it’s made
  2. Sample a scent
  3. Touch the fabric
  4. Discover your size
  5. Look into a mirror
  6. Be challenged by a question
  7. Find a favorite
  8. Feel the heft
  9. See every side to the story with three-dimensional signage
  10. Try an implement
  11. Get a closer look at the weave
  12. Try a bite
  13. See how the color looks against your complexion
  14. Drop the marble and make the Rube Goldberg contraption go
  15. Build a signature scent
  16. Collect printed product information
  17. Watch a chef teach knife skills
  18. Check a color under just the right light
  19. Compare the softness of two cashmeres
  20. Learn how your watch works
  21. Get a double message with an accordion-folded sign
  22. Pluck a garden tool from a fantasy garden (you can truly make anything out of corrugated)
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