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Listen Up, Retailers

POSTED ON: 01/12/16 It's time to start a conversation with your shopper.

Retail marketing is all about creating and delivering outstanding shopper experiences. An outstanding shopper experience is one that feels intimate and personal, and happens at just the right moment through just the right channel. Personal and well-timed retail moments are driven by insights about the shopper. Insights are the result of good data, good data comes from shoppers, and shoppers like to talk.

So ask them questions.

In this bright new era of the enhanced shopper experience, a retail marketer must build and sustain a conversation with the shopper. Asking an individual shopper about her opinions and really listening to her replies both provides actionable info and helps the shopper feel connected to and invested in the brand.

The benefits of shopper conversation are myriad:

Good feedback leads to better marketing and experience creation decisions. When a shopper shares what she likes about the brand, great! When she shares what she doesn’t like, that’s even better.

Good feedback helps a brand discover (and activate) advocates and champions. Great brand advocates self-identify. Give her a chance to do that.

Good feedback helps a brand identify at-risk customers. Give the shopper a voice when she is bored, disinterested or angry.

Good feedback empowers a brand to maintain (and increase) shopper satisfaction. From good conversation comes deepened trust and loyalty.

There are many ways to open a dialogue and converse with shoppers on an individual basis. Here are 28 to start:

  1. In-store intercept
  2. Focus group
  3. Phone survey
  4. Email survey
  5. Survey service
  6. Suggestion box
  7. Touchscreen
  8. Chalkboard
  9. Facebook chat
  10. Twitter forum
  11. In-store movement tracking
  12. Exit interviews
  13. Social listening
  14. Mobile survey
  15. Post-event feedback form
  16. Experience testing
  17. Website activity
  18. Community group
  19. Feedback portal
  20. Customer reviews
  21. Live chat
  22. In-app feedback
  23. Checkout survey
  24. Brand boards
  25. Pinterest or Instagram feedback session
  26. Ranking / voting mechanisms
  27. Video
  28. Text-driven Q and A
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