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My Brand Is on Snapchat. Now What?

POSTED ON: 08/02/16 Snapchat for Retail

Last time, I wrote about how Snapchat represents a new – and very different – kind of opportunity for retail marketers. If one were to create a snapshot of that post, it might look like this:

Social platform. Photo sharing. Super hot. Puppy face. Young users. Barfing rainbow. Real time. Marketing opportunity. Authenticity mandatory. Alien eyes. Creative possibilities for retailers. Strategy required. Flower crown. Snap me back.

Usage is through the roof, the app has features that brands can get really creative with, and Snapchatting is particularly popular with young people. Smart marketers are venturing in.

Snapchat is (currently) less crowded with retailers when compared to other platforms, and is therefore an appealing way for shoppers to find and follow a brand. But this won’t last forever. Right now is the “get in on the ground floor” moment. Marketers must be quick.

And they must engage properly. This is not the platform for overt or aggressive brand messaging. Those who push too hard and provide no real value or entertainment will get deleted. And a bad rep.

So, retail marketers, take your shot. But do it right. Be creative, audacious and focus on user experience (not branding), like the folks at Sony Pictures. The studio behind Ghostbusters purchased a one-day sponsored Lens aimed at Snapchatters who might not be familiar with the franchise, utilizing both the forward- and back-facing cameras on a smartphone. This marks the first-ever so-called “dual lens” campaign, according to Adweek.

Retail marketers who understand and appreciate the unique properties, audience and functionality of Snapchat should be able to make some memorable Moments with shoppers. Get started, and use the app to:

Create delightful in-store experiences. Charm and wow customers, and help them engage with the brand on their smartphones with exclusive in-store filters, promotions and interactive displays. Lilly Pulitzer reported how Snapchat filters delivered 97% more engagements than on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter combined.

Partner with influencers. Retailers are already doing Twitter and Instagram campaigns targeting influencers. Celebrity endorsements through their own social accounts is effective, but it’s becoming a little overdone. Shoppers are not foolish, and they now know that influencers are often paid for their posts. Snapchat offers a new way in. Many consumers follow celebrities on the app, and their brand shout-outs feel organic and more personal.

Take shoppers “behind the curtain” and deliver private content. Marketers can use Snapchat to bestow special content to shoppers that they might not receive on other digital platforms. Think of something unique to surprise the community with (some top designers have used Snapchat to preview collections) as a reward for coming into the store

Provide access to live events. Snapchat is ideal for real-time social media marketing because it gives the audience direct access to live events. Consider the app for product launches, celebrity appearances, catwalk shows, product demos or chats with designers. This tactic is particularly effective because it provides an authentic view of who the brand really is.

Distribute in-store only coupons and surprise offers. Retailers can use Snapchat to send a shopper coupon Snaps, the values of which unknown until she’s in the store. The “perishable” nature of Snapchat requires the shopper to open and redeem the Snap at the register.

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