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Opportunities to Pop

POSTED ON: 03/19/15 Pop-up marketing

A pop-up shop? That’s so 2012.

This now-required part of the omnichannel mix has evolved. What was flash retail became the pop-up shop, which has now morphed into the broader concept of pop-up marketing. More experiential for the shopper, and freed from the bonds of the traditional retail transaction, pop-up marketing allows a brand to be anywhere, anytime, for anyone.

And it can be anything. Why be a just a shop when you can be a happening? A meet-up? An event? Smart pop-up marketing is powered by the element of surprise, and is most effective when it forges a connection between shopper and brand. It’s no longer simply about moving product, it’s about moving experiences.

Think of it as retail meets showbiz meets brand-building surprise party. But remember, the noise level is high; retailers are popping up all over the place. Big ideas are required. Boundaries must be pushed.

Pop-up opportunities are limited only by the marketer’s imagination. Let’s call them poportunities. (OK. We don’t have to call them that.)

But in that spirit, I was inspired to think about pop-ups I’d love to see…

Pop-up Chef Demonstration

Good food and shopping; what’s not to love? A tasting restaurant pops up in a busy urban area, offering a cooking demo by a celebrity chef, samplings of his latest creations and a first look at his signature line of cookware.

Who could pull this off? Williams Sonoma, Bed, Bath & Beyond, QVC.

Pop-up Petting Zoo

For adults only, that’s the twist. Invite shoppers to enjoy a reprieve from the stress of the day by hugging a bunny. Or feeding a baby goat. This unexpected, pastoral oasis (imagine the media coverage) can be a showcase for pet supplies or animal food companies.

Who could pull this off? Purina, PetSmart, VPI Pet Insurance.

Pop-up Aroma Therapy Bar

That’s the smell of marketing success in the air. Shoppers drop by a pop-up Scenter to enjoy a custom-blended aroma experience. What do the scents a shopper loves say about her? How do beautiful smells alter the mood?

Who could pull this off? Sephora, Febreeze, CVS.

Pop-up Cubicle Olympics

Tap into the “gotta try it” mentality of today’s shopper with an office-themed obstacle course. Desk chair races, memo relays, stress ball tosses and more entertains shoppers and puts product directly into their hands.

Who could pull this off? Staples, Office Depot, The Container Store.

What kind of pop-up would you like to see? The poportunities are endless. (Sorry. Never again.)

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