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Pop-up is Powerful When Marketing to Moms

POSTED ON: 09/21/17 Marketing to moms

A childless person may wonder how something as simple as a trip to the store to buy socks could devolve into a two-hour ordeal of screaming and bodily fluids. Moms know firsthand what’s at stake. And so should those who are marketing to moms.

Total shopping meltdown isn’t the norm for most parents; it’s simply the worst-case scenario. Moms generally know what to pack, when to venture out and, most important, the family-friendly stores where her experience is usually smooth and uneventful.

Target has unveiled a store redesign that’s all about smooth. The design upgrades include the addition of a “speed entrance,” which leads shoppers directly to the grocery section, featuring a bigger selection of grab-and-go items. The entrance is close to the beer and wine sections, self-check out lanes and online order pick-up. There’s even a ten-minute parking section near the door (for speedier getaways), where shoppers can have their online orders hand-delivered to the car. Order, pick-up and go, all without waking the baby.

I’m all for a smooth retail interaction, but imagine the response to a retailer that can deliver a shopping experience that is both friction-free and positively stuffed with events? (The good kind. Not the “take-that-hanger-out-of-your-mouth-right-now-I-mean-it-oh-don’t-cry-please-stop-crying-ok-here’s-the-hanger” kind.)

For those smart retail brands that want to experiment with event-filled marketing to moms, there’s pop-up.[bctt tweet=”For those smart retail brands that want to experiment with event-filled marketing to moms, there’s pop-up.” username=”MeetMrPopUp”]

Retail pop-up provides an immersive environment where moms are encouraged to wander, ponder and explore before they buy. It’s short-term; an ideal “lab” for retailers to experiment with products and brand positioning. And pop-up is unexpected, able to delight shoppers and infuse a brand with “cool.” It’s a smart and relatively low-risk way to build mom loyalty and tighten relationships by providing a memorable, exclusive and personalized experience.

The savvy retail brand will do more than simply help mom get her errands done. Through pop-up, the retailer can make her feel special, demonstrating an understanding of – and appreciation for – who she really is in addition to “loving mother.”[bctt tweet=”Through pop-up, the retailer can make mom feel special, demonstrating an understanding of who she really is in addition to “loving mother.”” username=”MeetMrPopUp”]

When marketing to moms with pop-up, I offer four guidelines (and some specific ideas for each to jumpstart your thinking):

Optimize the physical space.

  • Family-sized restrooms
  • Stroller-friendly dressing rooms
  • Nursing lounges
  • Wide aisles
  • Resting areas
  • Stroller parking
  • Stroller repair stations
  • Complimentary bag check
  • Refreshment stands
  • Clearly marked exits
  • Phone charging stations
  • Sanitary handwipe stands

Facilitate conversation and surprising, meaningful moments.

  • Multi-generational shopping programs
  • Shopper feedback mechanisms
  • In-world and virtual message boards
  • Shopper buddy options
  • Plentiful social media photo opportunities
    • Twitter #hashtag promotions
    • Facebook Live “stages”
    • Instagram “backdrops”
    • Pinterest Board curation workshops
    • Photographer on-site to shoot Us-ies
  • Inspiring lifestyle vignettes
  • Face-time access to experts
  • Random wine bar (have the appropriate permits)
  • Five-minute makeovers for mom
  • “Stand-in” kids so mom can see “how cute that looks in real life”

Showcase (or introduce a new) brand persona.

  • Mom-centric event presence (consider mobile pop-up and cover them all!)
  • Unlikely partnerships
  • Unexpected special guests/celebs
  • Surprising influencer activation
  • Product comparisons
  • Exclusive, limited-time-only swag

Give mom a break.

  • Kids’ play areas
  • Complimentary in-store nanny service
  • Situation-tailored shopping lists
  • Mini day camps
  • Lifestyle-themed product displays
  • Purchase delivery service
  • “Time Out” areas (for the kid or mom [see “wine bar” above])
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