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Pop-up Prep: The Morning-Of

POSTED ON: 03/30/17 pop-up pre-event checklist

It was pre-dawn in a major east coast city. A small group of idealists congregated in the shadow of a darkened warehouse. The cool air crackled with tension. Those assembled were jittery with anticipation. Except for the one they called Leader. He was composed; calm. He was certain of the group’s ultimate triumph. For he had… the pop-up pre-event checklist.

He rocked an awesome headset as well.

It was me at the door of that warehouse. The headset made me look cool and in control. (Headsets always give me a rush, like I’m in concert or working the drive-thru window at Burger King.).

It was the checklist that gave me confidence.

Details matter when you’re creating a pop-up. A comprehensive pre-event checklist allows you to efficiently manage those details. You have spent months setting goals, brainstorming ideas, planning logistics, building contingencies, fabricating material, creating marketing strategies, hiring staff and installing elements. Your pop-up pre-event checklist helps guarantee that all that stellar work is appreciated by shoppers.

The specifics of the checklist will be determined by the parameters of your event. But some fundamental activities will be consistent from pop-up to pop-up. I have used the same basic checklist for years. I update it as technology and craftsmanship provide new opportunities for event staging.

Take a look at my current working document:

The Pop-up Pre-event Checklist

  • Load-in/load-out
  • Run-of-show
  • Staff inspection
  • Electrical system
  • POS system
  • Router
  • AV system
  • Walkie talkies (headsets!)
  • AV staff
  • Inventory
  • Security (interior and exterior)
  • Social media activations
  • Wi-Fi password
  • Signage
  • Talent
  • VIPs
  • Transportation
  • Soundtrack
  • Photographer
    • Photo shot list
  • Videographer
    • Video shot list
  • Staff break area
  • Staff refreshments
  • Final staff messaging session
  • Electronic press kit complete
    • Press release
    • Schedule
    • Event Highlights
    • Talent bios
  • Media strategy
    • On-site contacts
    • Briefing books
    • Messaging
    • Interviews
  • Social influencers assembled
  • Presentation rehearsal
  • Social influencers messaging session
  • Permits stored securely
  • Site maps/site-flow maps
  • Roles/responsibilities assignments
  • Operations manual
  • Insurance
  • Temperature control
  • Provisions for rain/adverse weather
  • Admission process
  • Access for wheelchairs
  • Risk management policy and processes
    • Risk assessment/hazard analysis
    • Emergency services contacts
    • Locations of emergency facilities
    • First aid services
    • Crisis response preparedness
    • Access for emergency vehicles
  • Food storage
  • Caterers
  • Food preparation/service
  • Alcohol; access and regulation
  • Rest rooms
  • Waste and recycling: bins, contracts, disposal
  • Storage
  • Presentation stage
  • Guest seating
  • Entrances/exits accessible and well lit
  • Parking
  • Public address system
  • Lighting
  • Provisions for participants
    • Green Rooms
    • Dressing rooms (hot water, showers, food and beverage)
    • Liaisons
  • Data collection process
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