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Power Selling at the Retail Pop-up Shop

POSTED ON: 01/15/18

A retail pop-up shop is a beautiful, versatile thing. It can revitalize a brand, launch a product, test a theory or build major buzz. It can also help you move some merch. Hence the “shop” part of “retail pop-up shop.”

Old-school pop-ups were all about sales. And even in this time of boundary-breaking, expectation-busting, shopper-beckoning pop-up, selling product remains a noble (and profitable, if done right) goal.

Five Ways to Drive Sales at Your Retail Pop-up Shop

Allow Customers to Fully Experience Products

Customers visit your retail pop-up shop because they want to experience your products in person. So make sure they get what they come for. Set out samples that allow visitors to touch and feel products that are typically boxed. Create displays that welcome visitors to interact with products. And present product demonstrations (in-person and via video) that walk shoppers through the uses, applications and benefits of your items.

Make It Easy for Shoppers to Buy Stuff

Allow shoppers to decide on purchases throughout the pop-up, especially if you have your checkout counter at the back of the space. This could be as simple as providing paper and pencils so they can write down item numbers. Or it could mean having salespeople nearby who can ring a shopper up using mobile POS, or who will take tags or products to the register while she continues to browse.

Cater to Impulse Buyers and Create Upsell Opportunities

Maximize the space around your checkout counter by filling it with impulse purchase items and upsell products. Shopper behavior is shopper behavior. Whether in a physical store, a website or in a pop-up, impulse buying will happen. Strive to make the phenomenon work for you in your retail pop-up shop.

Create Focal Points

When designing your pop-up, create focal points and eye-catching displays that draw shoppers in. If the space is large with multiple departments, add a focal point to each section. A smaller pop-up shop will require only one attention-grabbing display.

Empower Staff to Really Help Customers

Make sure your pop-up shop staff is equipped to give shoppers the best experience possible. Remind them that they are hosts serving guests. Set up information kiosks or provide tablets so employees can quickly and easily access information customers may need. Train your associates to give the shopper the interaction style she prefers – whether that’s providing a lot of sales advice or standing back and letting the shopper explore on her own.

And a reminder…

The “special event” vibe of a retail pop-up shop makes it the ideal place to collect customer contact info. Don’t waste this chance to strengthen your relationship with the shopper. Build opportunities to collect email addresses into the design and flow of the pop-up. Invite visitors to provide their information when they check out, use a hashtag or set up digital kiosks that allow them to enter their contact info (in exchange for VIP status, discount and early access to the next pop-up).

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