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Retail Blog Must-Reads

POSTED ON: 02/04/16 Retail Blogs

My friend Ryan is a very busy guy. Just ask him.

But be ready for an avalanche of numbers. Because Ryan is one of those hardcore smartphone jockeys who is convinced that his value is quantifiable. He believes he is significant – “critical to the operation,” he calls it – solely based on the number of emails he gets a day (463 on average), how many Twitter Followers he has (3,652) and the length of his follow-up call list (yesterday it had 32 names on it). Ryan is also quick to share that he has 73 Google Alerts set, and that he subscribes to 164 professional blogs and newsletters. “I read everything, everyday,” says he.

Ryan is kind of an idiot, and not just because he uses phrases like “critical to the operation.”

He’s a fool to consider personal email traffic a viable metric, and a callback list as that long only represents poor phone-answering-the-first-time-they-call skills.  Plus, there is no way he reads everything everyday.

And even if Ryan had superhuman scanning skills and did manage to see hundreds of articles and websites each morning, there is no way any of the info would sink in. I tell Ryan that to stay at the top of his professional game, he has to read smart. Don’t read everything; just the right things.

My daily reading list of retail blogs is purposefully curated and is only as long as it has to be. I keep it tight, and I make sure I’m tapping into the best resources. And the line-up changes when I discover new voices and sites that are more vibrant and plugged in.

Ryan scoffed at my daily reading list of the retail blogs and websites I believe to be most useful, well done and authoritative. I’m sharing it here in the hope that idiot Ryan rethinks his “by the numbers” strategy. And in the hope that it will be useful to you.

Retail Customer Experience

Forward-thinking ideas and strategies for engaging the shopper


Barbara Thau provides well-written, timely retail news with no spin

Retail Store Windows

Jonathan Baker curates an exquisite look at high-end retail display


The Retail Channel on this informative site is packed with news and inspiration

Social Times

AdWeek’s take on the best of digital marketing

Retail Touchpoints

Intriguing mix of news and thought leadership

Retail Prophet

Information and a bit of attitude from retail insider Doug Stephens

Capterra Retail Management

Practical, tactical retail news you can use

IMS Results Count

Real-world, no-nonsense retail strategies and best practices

Women’s Wear Daily

Retail and fashion news, with style


It’s tough to keep the list to ten. What are some retail blogs you love that I missed?

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