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Improv Creativity

Ideas, Improv and Faded TV Stars

The rules of improvisation provide a strong framework for creative collaboration.

Retail Storytelling

Naked Retail Storytelling: The Short Story

Five classic rules of short story writing that will enhance brand storytelling…

In-store Texting

Aisle Text You

Shoppers are becoming more open to brands reaching out in-store, as long as what they receive is relevant.

Online Offline Retail

Clicks and Bricks: The Smartest Mix

What do black horn rim glasses, impractical shoes, sensible slacks, a mechanical pencil and a shirt scattered with flowers have in common?

Marketing Creativity

Notes on Giving Feedback

How to face the delicate business of critique.

Shopper Moment

Shopping in the Moment

An experience is something a shopper has. A moment is something she feels.

Luxury Display

Looking Into Luxury Retail Windows

These “snapshots of affluence” deliver a specific message: lovely things, lovely life. 

Retail Marketing Determination

Recommended: Grit

Too many of us give up far too early and far too often.


Retail Trends – June 2016

The retail marketing business is ever-evolving. For 2016, we predicted a continuation of the incremental but meaningful changes in the practice of retail marketing, identifying conversion, Big Data and a redefined shopper experience as trends to watch. In early 2016,

Marketing Entrepreneur

Market Like an Entrepreneur

Be agile, responsive and fearlessly creative.

Retail Sale

Happy Day After Memorial Day!

Everyone loves a sale, but the word now means different things to different people. 

Holiday Retail

Happy Meme-Orial Day, Retailers!

This weekend, 14 percent of Americans will hit the stores for holiday deals.

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