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Retail Marketing Redefined: Shopping

POSTED ON: 03/10/16 Shopper Experience

Let’s check that list one more time. I need eggs, bread, some milk. Oh, and a tattoo.

Said no one ever. Not yet.

But they might. And when they do, 365, a new store concept by Whole Foods Market, will be ready for them.

As the Austin, Texas-based grocery chain launches its new, smaller-format 365 by Whole Foods Market stores, the company is considering some fresh ideas about what customers will enjoy. On a website dedicated to the 365 stores, Whole Foods spoke directly to its potential “friends,” or businesses that would partner with the chain and set up shop inside its stores.

“Friends of 365 are independent businesses who bring their special mojo to our 365 stores,” the website states. “Friends can be any type of business — Record shop? Tattoo parlor? Maybe! And each 365 store may have a different mix of friends. The more variety, the merrier!”

The first “casting call” for entries recently took place; audition videos were submitted and the public voted for their favorites. (The inaugural partner in the Friends of 365 in-store program is by CHLOE, a plant-based, fast-casual dining brand.) The company plans to host another formal submission period later this year.

While I’m not sure if shoppers will want to get a tat one aisle over from the seafood counter, the Whole Foods folks are on to something. By teaming up with small, specialized businesses, they are positioning their 365 stores as lifestyle destinations. They clearly know their shopper: the adventurous, eco-minded adventurer who demands and appreciates authentic, community-minded interactions.

Like most shoppers today, the 365 customers are experience seekers.

Actually, they’re more than that. And that’s why the 365 by Whole Foods Market concept feels future-oriented. They understand that branding moments matter, and that it is a mistake to assume that those visitors to the store are merely shopping.

The language of retail marketing is evolving (see here, here and here). Inspired by 365, here are 58 experience-related things (in addition to shopping) that guests are doing in-store right now:

  1. Browsing
  2. Spending
  3. Discovering
  4. Relaxing
  5. Hunting
  6. Socializing
  7. Gathering
  8. Patronizing
  9. Critiquing
  10. Rating
  11. Reporting
  12. Reviewing
  13. Exploring
  14. Learning
  15. Unwinding
  16. Analyzing
  17. Curing
  18. Treating
  19. Healing
  20. Attitude Adjusting
  21. Vacationing
  22. Blowing Off Steam
  23. Reinventing
  24. Pioneering
  25. Revealing
  26. Studying
  27. Imbibing
  28. Meeting
  29. Savoring
  30. Judging
  31. Appreciating
  32. Reveling In
  33. Hanging
  34. Partaking
  35. Communicating
  36. Sampling
  37. Perceiving
  38. Individualizing
  39. Analyzing
  40. Scrutinizing
  41. Hunting
  42. Inspecting
  43. Mingling
  44. Investigating
  45. Voicing
  46. Defining
  47. Fantasizing
  48. Role Playing
  49. Imagining
  50. Procuring
  51. Acquiring
  52. Recovering
  53. Playing
  54. Problem Solving
  55. Hiding
  56. Replenishing
  57. Reinventing
  58. Curating
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