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Retail Marketing Redefined: The Dressing Room

POSTED ON: 03/22/16 Retail Marketing Dressing Room

Behind that door, it’s just a shopper and a mirror. Facing off, staring down, sizing up.

It is there, in the dressing room, that the shopper will decide not only how she looks in the new DKNY, but also how she feels about the store that created this truth booth to begin with.

The dressing room is a critical spot in any retail environment. What happens in that small (but hopefully not too small) space has big impact on store reputation and the bottom line. Allen & Gerritsen research found that in 2014, customers were 71 percent more likely to buy after they’d tried something on.

A great dressing room has the potential to be the centerpiece of a satisfying, meaningful overall shopper experience. So like the rest of the store, the changing room is changing.

Retailers are starting to pack them with digital wonders. Call buttons, occupancy sensors, magic mirrors and real-time data collection widgets are elevating and redefining the fitting room experience. At Macy’s, they’re testing rooms with smartphones and tablets to select try-on items. Nordstrom has installed interactive mirrors to let customers browse product reviews or summon help. Zara provides iPads for real-time requests of different sizes and styles.

But do shoppers really want all these gadgets and digital tools? Not specifically; not by name. What the shopper wants – what she demands – is a satisfying, positive dressing room experience. She doesn’t really care if it’s facilitated by a digital device or the perfect sales associate. Technology doesn’t drive her engagement; the thoughtful application of technology does.

Retail marketing success lies in understanding and reacting to the needs and hopes and concerns of the shopper. So the question becomes “How does she ‘see’ the dressing room and what is she thinking while she’s in there?” The answers may be here, in this list of 37 other things a dressing room can be:

  1. Style Lab
  2. Shelter
  3. Coronation
  4. Oasis
  5. Hiding Place
  6. Launch Pad
  7. Moment of Truth
  8. Boudoir
  9. Revival Tent
  10. Voting Booth
  11. Funhouse
  12. Therapist’s Office
  13. Jury Room
  14. Rabbit Hole
  15. Playground
  16. Reality Check
  17. Chapel
  18. Control Panel
  19. Platform
  20. Screen Test
  21. Photo Set
  22. Social Media Hub
  23. Meeting Room
  24. Club House
  25. Time Machine
  26. Catwalk
  27. Sanctuary
  28. Communications Center
  29. Decompression Chamber
  30. Escape
  31. Retreat
  32. Time Machine
  33. Pulpit
  34. Stage
  35. Confessional
  36. Soapbox
  37. Community Center
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