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Retail Marketing Redefined: The Email

POSTED ON: 10/18/16 Email Marketing

On Monday, I received six emails from a certain retail furniture company. Each email seemed vaguely inspired by items I had searched for, pieces my friends liked, and things I had randomly mentioned in Facebook messages.

I couldn’t decide if I found these intrusions more creepy or annoying. So I went with “creepnoying.”

Yes, I realize that I opted in. And true, I was interested in what might be new or of special value. But I certainly didn’t expect to be on the receiving end of an unhinged craftsman hawking mid-century dining tables.

It was another case of a retailer using a fundamental marketing tactic in an outdated way.

The very basic tools of retail marketing have evolved. What used to be simply a free sample, some signage or a display have been elevated to tasting events, selfie sets and interactive Shopper Moments. As retail marketing classics are being adapted to entice and satisfy a smarter, more demanding consumer, so must the email.

Those marketers who see the email as just a way to upsell are viewing it in too narrow a fashion. The goal of the modern retail email should be to build a relationship with the shopper; to entertain her, delight her, make her feel like an individual engaged in a conversation.

More talking, less stalking.

It helps to look at the different ways the retail marketing email can function and improve the connection between brands and shoppers. To that end, here are 31 non-creepnoying things an email can also be:

  1. A Sneak Peek
  2. A Wake-up Call
  3. Access to an Expert
  4. Advice from a Friend
  5. A Lifestyle Consultant
  6. A Secret Message
  7. An Invitation
  8. A Love Note
  9. A Treasure Map
  10. A Menu
  11. A Reminder
  12. A Reward
  13. A Coupon
  14. A VIP Deal
  15. An Inspiration
  16. A Ticket
  17. A Personalized Offer
  18. A Note from a Friend
  19. A Postcard
  20. An Advance Notice
  21. A Game
  22. A Product Suggestion
  23. A Connection to other Shoppers
  24. An Amusement
  25. A Distraction
  26. A Holiday Greeting
  27. An Opinion Solicitor
  28. A Work of Art
  29. A Surprise
  30. A Photo Gallery
  31. A Call-to-Action
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