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Retail Marketing Redefined: The Shopping Bag

POSTED ON: 04/12/16 Retail Shopping Bags

When people believe that success is imminent, they say that it’s “in the bag.” Retail marketers would do well to consider the same sentiment.

Today, shopper experience is king, and every in-store interaction must be viewed as an opportunity to engage and delight. From the provocative store window that draws her in to the personalized interaction when she checks out, each point along the shopper’s journey must bring her more deeply into the story she shares (and creates) with the brand.

Even the shopping bag. Especially the shopping bag.

What she carries out of the store is a final (and lingering) symbol of the shopping experience she’s just enjoyed. More than simply a way to get her items home, the shopping bag encapsulates and articulates the voice and tone of the brand. It continues (and adds depth to) the retailer/shopper conversation, extending it way beyond the store floor.

The right shopping bag, presented in a memorable and brand-ownable way (like at Nordstrom, where the sales associate walks the bags from behind the register and places them into the hands of the shopper), delivers a powerful culmination to the entire experience.

The shopping bag should not be an afterthought. As a literal and symbolic send-off from the retail space, it has incredible impact on how the shopper evaluates her experience prior to this moment.

The idea of the shopping bag is evolving, just like the language of retail marketing itself. We cannot “do marketing” the way we always have, and therefore must broaden and reimagine even the vocabulary we have used for decades.

Just like the dressing room, the display and the catalog, the shopping bag now wields real influence, representing many things to many people. As we continue to grow the retail marketing vocabulary, here are 31 things a shopping bag can also be:

  1. Conversation Piece
  2. Ecological Statement
  3. Badge of Honor
  4. Status Symbol
  5. Future Grocery Bag
  6. Gift
  7. Accessory
  8. Fashion Statement
  9. Advertisement
  10. Endorsement
  11. Calling Card
  12. Personal Expression
  13. Prize
  14. Convenience
  15. Souvenir
  16. Bonus
  17. Thank-You Note
  18. Affirmation
  19. Confirmation
  20. Reward
  21. PSA
  22. Memory Maker
  23. Loyalty Builder
  24. Prop
  25. Club ID
  26. Reminder
  27. Secret Password
  28. Love Note
  29. Social Statement
  30. Valentine
  31. Reminder
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