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Retail Marketing Redefined: The Store Window

POSTED ON: 07/26/16 Window Displays

“How much is that doggie in the window?”

The title of an old song, and a question that one seeking a puppy should no longer ask because it’s not cool to purchase canines that are displayed in windows.

Things change. Contexts shift. Belief systems expand.

Meanings evolve.

The retail marketer should know that last one better than anyone. As the shopper has become more powerful and demanding, marketers have had to rethink almost everything that constitutes “her trip to the store.”

The shopper experience has transcended; it has evolved into the Shopper Moment. It’s a place where the element of surprise is simply the price of entry, and details are paramount.

Those details include the very language we speak. The words retail marketers have used for decades – signage, shopping bag, fitting room – are being redefined to reflect the opportunities they present in this new emotionally interactive environment. Retailers must expand their perspectives and see the untapped potential in seemingly mundane tools of the trade.

Like the store window.

The retail marketers who view the window as just a glass-fronted peek into the store don’t understand the Shopper Moment. They can’t see beyond the old-school, literal point of view, and are unable (or unwilling) to reimagine how “what used to be” can become a shining Moment. (Maybe those marketers should try something else – like conscientious dog breeding on a large, beautiful farm.)

For the rest of us, here are 42 things a store window can also be.

  1. A mirror
  2. A time machine
  3. A portal
  4. An invitation
  5. A work of art
  6. A siren’s song
  7. A promise
  8. A crystal ball
  9. A sneak preview
  10. A play in one act
  11. An affirmation
  12. A come-on
  13. A selfie backdrop
  14. A tease
  15. An inspiration
  16. An exploration
  17. A movie screen
  18. An escape
  19. A confirmation
  20. A clarification
  21. A poem
  22. A call-to-action
  23. A traffic stopper
  24. A cultural lens
  25. A microscope
  26. An aftermath
  27. A welcome distraction
  28. A dare
  29. A come-hither look
  30. A pop culture happening
  31. A permission slip
  32. A love note
  33. A perspective changer
  34. An enticement
  35. A how-to
  36. A provocation
  37. A mood elevator
  38. A shot of courage
  39. A jolt
  40. An encouragement
  41. A welcome mat
  42. A memory in the making
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