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Retail Marketing Top 40

POSTED ON: 03/03/16 We appreciate the recognition from Market Inspector.

Whenever I’m frustrated by an industry that sometimes places emphasis on the destination with no recognition of the journey, I turn to one of Abraham Lincoln’s many inspiring maxims:

“Don’t worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.”

These are wise words that remind me that the work is its own reward and that perspective is important.

Do you know what else is important? Recognition.

I admit it. I love a good acknowledgement. I feel affirmed by positive feedback. Kudos thrill me. Come on, even those without my particular ego issues appreciate an attaboy or an accolade every now and then.

So I am very grateful to Market Inspector.

This UK-based company, specializing in retail EPOS Systems, thinks our blog is pretty good. They’ve named it to their March 2016 list of Top 40 Retail Blogs.

We share the list with some true retail heavy hitters, including K3retail, Storefront and our friends at Kizer & Bender. We are proud to be in their company, and are most thankful to Market Inspector for the shout-out.

My fine cohorts at Medallion Retail and I use this platform to educate, to empower and to entertain readers. (I’m pretty confident we rock at least the first two.) We think it’s important, even crucial, to tell stories and share ideas about retail marketing that have a distinct point of view. And, just as importantly, a point.

It looks like other people agree. Thanks for the recognition.

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