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Retail Trends for 2017

POSTED ON: 01/12/17

Well, we made it through 2016.

Turns out, Amazon didn’t take over the retail world. Cash is still accepted for transactions. Shoppers continue to suffer from cart abandonment issues. Stores with walls still exist. And a drone has yet to deliver my groceries.

Maybe this year.

More likely, though, in 2017 we will see the continued evolution of the empowered shopper, and the sweeping impact she will have on marketing technology and in-store interactions. Just a hunch. (And I grabbed a sneak peek at a great retail marketing trends report.)

You can too. Get all the details in the just-released “Retail Trends for 2017” created by the thought leaders at Medallion Retail. (Full disclosure: these visionary folks are my friends.)  The report provides informed predictions about the softer side of Big Data, real-time social media marketing, augmented reality, the Shopper Moment and the rebirth of pop-up.

The coming year will be an interesting one for retail marketers. Be ready for it.

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