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Shopper Insights From the Credibly Business Journal

POSTED ON: 08/23/16 Credibly Business Journal

She’s a regular.

You see her every few weeks – quietly browsing, thoughtfully considering, always tapping on her smartphone.

But do you really know her?

Today’s shopper is an empowered, complex creature. Part investigator, part maven, part critic and part dreamer, she has very specific expectations when she’s in the store environment. She is savvy, emotional, particular and wired – a potent combination that gives her ultimate control of her shopping events.

The critical task of the retailer, then, is to understand who the shopper is – and who she wants to be. But how?

The just-published Credibly* Business Journal can help retailers get inside the head and the heart of the modern shopper.

“Understanding the Needs of the New Consumer” is the first of a three-part series, and features ideas and insights from some of the retail industry’s most innovative, respected thought-leaders. And also me (full disclosure). Stories include:

Doug Stephens, Founder of Retail Prophet and author of The Retail Revival, speaks about how a point of differentiation is now mandatory, and how the digital experience doesn’t actually exist.

Dianne Innis, Customer Experience and Innovation Strategist at Thoughtworks, explores the changing relationship between the supply chain and the shopper’s desire for personalization.

Your humble blogger advocates for meaningful in-store shopper moments, and encourages retailers to rethink the meaning of interaction.

“A generation ago, it was enough to be the friendly store on Main Street that sold good products at a fair price. Not anymore,” says Glenn Goldman, Credibly CEO and guy who let me be in his cool publication. In his preface, he encourages retailers to “offer the kind of modern customer experience that today’s shoppers have come to expect.”

Check it out, and get to know your shopper.

*Credibly helps businesses get access to loans and working capital. The company caters exclusively to small and medium-sized businesses, striving to make the funding experience affordable, simple and transparent. Credibly combines data science with a human touch, working directly with customers to get them ideal-sized funding.

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