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In-Store Shopper Moments You Can Feel

POSTED ON: 08/04/16 Shopper Moments

When I was eight years old, I was on television. It seemed that my science experiment proving that plants needed sunlight to live was breakthrough; more than enough to earn me a spot on a popular local science program.

I killed it. Not the plant (sunlight, duh). I killed it on camera. Charismatic, telegenic, witty and wielding bantering skills that belied my tender age – I was a hit.

And I knew it. So it made perfect sense for me to ask to borrow our chaperone’s giant sunglasses to wear not only upon my exit from the studio, but also for my triumphant return to the classroom.

To this day, I replay that scenario every single time I try on sunglasses. It’s a fond memory (except for having to face the philistine critics at recess). It is a moment that makes me smile and reminds me of who I am and why.

That’s lot of backstory to wring out of a pair of shades, but that’s how moments work. They are powerful and visceral, transformative and personal. Moments become symbolic, resonating with and changing a person.

Small wonder then that the in-store shopper moment has usurped the experience when it comes to shopper interaction.

I have written quite a bit about the Rise of the In-Store Shopper Moment. A step beyond customer experience, the In-Store Shopper Moment speaks not to the size of the interaction, but to its depth, reach, poetry and emotional wallop. An experience is something one goes through; a moment is lived, savored and relived.

A retail marketing moment might be tiny (an alert on a smartphone) or grand (a pop-up VIP fashion show); size doesn’t matter. What matters is the genuine connection it creates between the shopper and the brand.

The retail marketer must now create In-Store Shopper Moments. It’s a challenge, this new need to awaken authentic feelings in a shopper. Step one is to fully understand the heart and soul of the Moment. And the best way to do that is to explore some of your own – and connect with how they make you feel.

Below are 55 life moments. How does each make you feel? Remember the feeling, because it will be a catalyst when fashioning meaningful Shopper Moments.

  1. Birth of a child
  2. Getting married
  3. Winning an award
  4. Getting engaged
  5. Taking a road trip
  6. Discovering a new favorite food
  7. A first stadium concert
  8. Graduating
  9. Driving alone for the first time
  10. Celebrating an anniversary
  11. Leaving home
  12. Standing up to a bully
  13. Seeing a parent cry
  14. First time hearing your own voice
  15. Committing a random act of kindness
  16. Earning a round of applause
  17. Class reunion
  18. Starting at a new school
  19. Delivering a eulogy
  20. First night at sleep away camp
  21. Reading your old diary
  22. Seeing your parent kiss
  23. The first time you stayed up all night talking
  24. Meeting a hero
  25. Being disappointed at meeting a hero
  26. Finding a love note in your locker
  27. First boy – girl party
  28. First visit from the tooth fairy
  29. Telling your first lie
  30. When the gift you picked out is a huge hit
  31. Getting hired
  32. Getting fired
  33. Saving a life
  34. The day they take your training wheels off
  35. When you learned to laugh at yourself
  36. Trying on a wedding dress
  37. Buying a dream home
  38. Recovering from a heartbreak
  39. Jumping off the high dive
  40. Sneaking into your first R-rated movie
  41. Seeing your baby graduate
  42. Losing fair and square
  43. Using your passport for the first time
  44. Understanding a work of art
  45. Laughing alone in public
  46. First sight of the ocean
  47. Regretting a one-night stand
  48. Walking down the aisle
  49. Adopting a pet
  50. Your first cup of coffee
  51. Wearing a costume as a grown-up
  52. Your first video to go viral
  53. Getting a tattoo
  54. Removing a tattoo
  55. Receiving a compliment from a stranger
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