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Shopping in the Moment

POSTED ON: 06/14/16 Shopper Moment

Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.



You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

Henry David Thoreau


Celebrate the moments of your life.

General Foods International Coffees


Important authors, major philosophers and TV Commercial Ladies With a Penchant for Sharing Flavored Coffees agree: moments matter. These deep thinkers and relentless hostesses see moments not as units of time, but as elements of life; precious and transformative.

A rich existence is crafted from collected moments, those interactions that are revealing and weighted with emotion and meaning. Moments, gathered and polished over time, create the story of a life, and the perspective of the person living it.

Retail marketers would do well to share the viewpoint of these truth-seekers and makers of tasty, memory-reviving Café Vienna. In-Store Shopper Moments matter.

The shopper continues to have a strong voice in the shaping of her retail interactions, and I believe many are now finding that a mere experience is no longer enough. She wants more – and more meaningful.

We are seeing the shopper experience evolve into the shopper moment.

The differences between the two may be subtle, but they are distinct. An experience is something one goes through; a moment is lived and relived. Experience happens. In-Store Shopper Moments materialize. Experience is on a resume; a moment resides in the heart.

In retail marketing, an experience is something a shopper has. A moment is something she feels.

Some may think I’m being too ardent or overly poetic. And that’s great. Because it means that the emotional, almost romantic undercurrent of the word “moment” is resonating. Flowery language and a “storybook” perspective feed the mindset that is critical in the understanding and creation of a true in-store shopper moment.

Want more florid, flowery words to set the mood? Here are 41 things a shopper moment is (and an experience isn’t):

  1. Eternal
  2. Heartfelt
  3. Fiery
  4. Dreamy
  5. Fleeting
  6. Transcendent
  7. Magical
  8. Touching
  9. Wondrous
  10. Emotional
  11. Amazing
  12. Personal
  13. Fragile
  14. Surprising
  15. Ownable
  16. Intimate
  17. Revealing
  18. Soul-touching
  19. Shimmering
  20. Glistening
  21. Moving
  22. Provocative
  23. Tender
  24. POV-changing
  25. Shining
  26. Resonant
  27. Telling
  28. Exposing
  29. Enlightening
  30. Startling
  31. Illuminating
  32. Seductive
  33. Cheeky
  34. Beguiling
  35. Cunning
  36. Delicate
  37. Powerful
  38. Talkable
  39. Exquisite
  40. Delightful
  41. Enchanting
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