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Strategic Pop-Up Matters

POSTED ON: 04/25/17 Strategic Pop-up

Don’t get me wrong. When it comes to strategic pop-up, I believe that details are critical. It’s only when of all those tiny elements come together that good pop-up becomes really great pop-up. But I’m also a big-picture guy, and am convinced that “-ize” matters.

We’ve all heard that no one cares how big your pop-up is; it’s what you do with it that counts. Not true. Sorry, but “-ize” is critical. You need it to “strategize” your overall campaign based on stated objectives, and to “maximize” resources and messaging. You also can’t “smize” without “-ize. (Try it and Tyra will not be pleased.)

To prove that “-ize” matters when creating strategic pop-up, I’ve pulled together a list of ways to make your retail pop-up stand tall. These are verbs; treat them that way. Use them to explore, form and articulate a pop-up objective that has life and energy and movement. Conceptualize, and then realize.

Sixty-Three Paths to Bigger Strategic Pop-up:

  1. Accessorize
  2. Aggrandize
  3. Authorize
  4. Capitalize
  5. Capsulize
  6. Contextualize
  7. Crystalize
  8. Customize
  9. Democratize
  10. Digitalize
  11. Dramatize
  12. Emotionalize
  13. Emphasize
  14. Energize
  15. Epitomize
  16. Equalize
  17. Familiarize
  18. Galvanize
  19. Glamourize
  20. Harmonize
  21. Humanize
  22. Idealize
  23. Incentivize
  24. Individualize
  25. Initialize
  26. Legitimize
  27. Localize
  28. Memorialize
  29. Merchandize
  30. Mesmerize
  31. Mobilize
  32. Modernize
  33. Optimize
  34. Organize
  35. Personalize
  36. Poeticize
  37. Popularize
  38. Prioritize
  39. Publicize
  40. Recognize
  41. Reconceptualize
  42. Recontextualize
  43. Reemphasize
  44. Reenergize
  45. Romanticize
  46. Scrutinize
  47. Sensationalize
  48. Stabilize
  49. Stylize
  50. Symbolize
  51. Sympathize
  52. Synchronize
  53. Synopsize
  54. Synthesize
  55. Systemize
  56. Tantalize
  57. Urbanize
  58. Utilize
  59. Theatricalize
  60. Verbalize
  61. Visualize
  62. Vitalize
  63. Vocalize

Hopefully, something on this list inspires you. And if you liked these words, you will love our upcoming webinar “Pop-up or Perish!” We’ll use all these words, plus another couple hundred. At least!

So join us for “Pop-up or Perish!: A Retail Marketing Mandate,” a new webinar from MR Pop-up. In this free session, pop-up experts (along with this guy) share the whys, hows, whens, whos and what-the-heck-happeneds of modern retail pop-up. Learn more here.

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