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CPG Brands: Increase Shelf Space with Creative Merchandising

Small batch. Specialty. Artisanal. Customers are demanding diversified and specialty packaged goods like beer or a five-ingredient granola bar. [bctt tweet=”Shoppers are on the alert for newness. So to draw attention to what’s fresh and unique, the goal is to

sustainable fashion

Sustainable Fashion: Connect with Conscious Consumers

While fashion retail may currently be taking a hit, there’s a bright spot: secondhand fashion and accessories. From denim to luxury goods, the resale market is ramping up in prime locations and premier department stores, in addition to having a

fitness retail

Fitness Retail Gets Shopping Centers Into Shape

Wouldn’t it be great to work out, socialize, grab a juice, and go grocery shopping—and do it all at the same location? Ten years ago, you might have to drive all over town to check off all of your errands

medical retail

The New Face of Medical Retail: From Primary Care to Point of Sale

Prior to the wellness boom, most people would only visit a doctor for the dreaded annual physical, or when something felt seriously wrong. There were clear lines separating medical and merchandise—but these lines are now blurring. With an increasing shift


At Barnes & Noble, a Story of Fantastical Retail Transformation

You’re a wizard, Harry. May the force be with you. For readers young and old, there are perhaps no two literary franchises more ubiquitous than Harry Potter and Star Wars. To date, the Harry Potter brand has generated nearly $8

retail technology

How Retail Technology Helps Mass Merch Make Human Connections

Technology is everywhere. We pay with our smartphones, ask a virtual assistant for a weather update and keep our lives on an invisible cloud. And that’s just as consumers. But what about retail technology? In the retail space, companies constantly

flexible signage and display

Empowerment at Floor Level – Flexible Signage and Display

Nimble. Flexible. Responsive. These are the buzzwords of today’s brand and retailer. These characteristics drive brand websites, social media pages, inventory management, and even employee teams. But are you optimizing the nimbleness and responsiveness of the flexible signage and display

pet store experience

Fetching New Opportunities: Improving the Pet Store Experience

Fido, Buddy, Mr. Cat, Crackers the bird. Americans adore their pets. Millennials, owning 35% of all pets, especially consider themselves more than just pet owners. They’re pet parents,lovingly referring to Spot as their precious child and demanding nothing short of perfection

mass merch scaling

The Mass Merch Scaling Challenge: Urban Shoppers

Mass merch scaling. It seems like everyone is headed for the city, mass merchandisers included. Typically suburban-based, megastores like Kmart and Costco have traditionally subsisted on a broad swath of the population buying anything and everything within their doors. But

signage mistakes

Four Avoidable Holiday Signage Mistakes

A couple of days ago (on I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Doing-This Sunday, which I just invented to fall between Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday), I ventured out into retail world to do some basic marketing reconnaissance. I saw some decent displays, bumped into

big box retailers

Fourteen Ways To Shine as a Little Brand at Big Box Retailers

How does the little guy get his fair share of shelf space?

In-store Signage

The Five Unbreakable Rules of In-Store Signage

Make sure that your signs are the strong, silent type. 

Specialty Food Marketing

Delectable Ideas from the Fancy Food Show

Current trends – and their implications – in specialty food marketing.

Fashion retail

Fashion and the Millennial Shopper

Eighty-two percent of Millennials say it’s important for fashion retailers to have physical stores. 

Emotional Marketing

Real Marketing and Fake News

What is the sophisticated formula fake newsmakers use to provoke and activate everyday people?


Retail at Street Level

Retail marketing and in-store design evolve every day. To keep pace, the Medallion Retail team – a group of curious creatives, retail strategists and experience designers – regularly hits the streets to discover what’s happening right now. Here’s what we

Retail Design

Building Better Ideas

Great advice and inspiration for retail marketers are everywhere. 

Holiday Retail

A New Perspective on Holiday Windows

Still need a little Christmas? 

In-Store Shopper Moment

The Story of the In-Store Shopper Moment

There are several ways public storytelling is like a great in-store interaction.

Retail Theater

Making Retail Theater

There are great similarities between what transpires on a stage and the drama that unfolds in a store window.