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Ten Reasons to Check Out Our eBook

POSTED ON: 04/05/16 Retail Marketing eBook

Recently, we released the eBook The Death of Mediocrity in the Aisles: New Shopper Engagement Ideas & Insights for Retail Marketers. Here’s what some of the initial readers had to say:

If my cat spoke English, this is definitely the one eBook that I would want her to read to me!

A stimulating read! It has everything: insights, strategy, words, dangling participles. Plus, I think I detected just the slightest hint of cinnamon.

An eBook so overflowing with creative brilliance and marketing know-how, it actually improves the quality of nearby books!

They said it. Not me.

This eBook is a collection of revised and updated blog posts about shopper engagement. The curated anthology features our best advice on creating meaningful shopper moments and on speaking the new language of retail marketing.

Clearly it’s a must-read. And if somehow, those heartfelt and completely legitimate blurbs above didn’t sway you to read The Death of Mediocrity in the Aisles, I just happen to have ten more reasons you should:

  1. Your imagination will be sparked.
  2. Your perspectives may change.
  3. You will discover new ways to think about shoppers.
  4. You may see something we missed and be able to add to the conversation.
  5. You will learn a new marketing vocabulary.
  6. Your hair will be softer and more manageable.
  7. You will come away with ideas and insight you can take into the meeting room.
  8. Your ability to build solid strategies and analyze ideas will be heightened.
  9. Those bad men will bring my kitty back.
  10. Several of the retail marketers who’ve downloaded the eBook have told us how much they love it; chances are good that you will, too.

So take a look. And let us know what you think. Get The Death of Mediocrity in the Aisles: New Shopper Engagement Ideas & Insights for Retail Marketers here.

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