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The Best Instagram Feeds for 2017

POSTED ON: 01/10/17 Instagram inspiration

Every once in a while I am a bit overwhelmed by the narcissistic kaleidoscope that is Instagram. I will admit that I occasionally tire of gazing at the exotic locales I will never visit, the perfect physical forms of the obsessive and well-lit, the philanthropists who are clearly better than I am, and the occasional Kardashian.

But then I remember that there are more than 500 million active users on Instagram, and that many of them have no interest in my seeing images of their last meal. In fact, there are quite a few designers, writers, chefs, photographers and thought leaders who are sharing great stuff.

Instagram is no longer just where amateur photo bugs slap filters onto selfies. Innovative creators and brands are composing and curating beautiful and meaningful feeds. It is truly inspiration in real time.

With that, here are the 22 Instagram feeds that I believe retail marketers should visit when they need to nourish the creative spirit.


Christoph Neimann is a brilliant and playful illustrator. You’ll likely recognize some of his work; it’s been featured on the covers of Time Magazine, The New Yorker and Wired magazine.


Follow the worldwide standard for color communication and inspiration, brought to you since 1963.


Describing himself as an image baker and cookie maker, Daniel Aristizabal is a Columbian digital artist, graphic designer and illustrator whose work consists mainly of retro colors and sharp geometric shapes.


Simon Brumante is the one to follow if you can’t get enough of magical landscapes and appealing symmetry. His feed is filled with image after image of incredible places around the world.


The quintessential guide to all the latest architecture, art, design, travel, lifestyle and fashion and lifestyle, Wallpaper’s feed is dripping with style finds and inspiration.


Jonathan Lo finds beauty in the most mundane of spaces and objects – from sidewalks and stairs to tissue boxes and coffee cups and a little bit of everything in between. Lo is also a big fan of capturing beautiful geometric shapes and lines.


Best Dressed Signs is the brainchild of Josh Luke and Meredith Kasabian. They create remarkable, one-of-a-kind hand-made signs that will get you asking, “How is that even possible?!”


“Dudes” is one of the more distinctive Instagram feeds that you’ll come across. As the name suggests it’s a collection of portraits featuring people (mostly celebrities) just standing there like ordinary dudes.


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise; baking is an art, and self-described “royal (icing) queen” Patty Paige is the artist of the moment. Her use of space and color is something all artists can learn from and appreciate. And her cookie cutters, sold on her site, are truly works of art.


Dave Eggers’ writing project finds cool ways to feature its young students on Instagram, including gorgeous visualizations of their short poems.


Even more impressive than her bold, black-and-white graphic illustrations, is the fact that Shantell is an adjunct professor at NYU and visiting scholar at the MIT Media Lab. Her funky, hand-drawn aesthetic evokes the linear style of the 80s.


Red (Hong Yi) says she “likes to paint, but not with a paintbrush.” Instead, she plays with her food. Her eye-catching images have been commissioned by top brands worldwide.


Take a page from a book, pick out a few words that create a new story and blackout all the rest – blackout poetry. The artist behind this account posts his own work, as well as regramming others who use his tag #makeblackoutpoetry.


Ioana is an architect from Romania who creates amazingly lifelike scenes and portraits with unconventional items.


The Color Shift is an art, design and photography account that features images that play with color and contrast. Designers will enjoy this account for its bright, appealing color palette and its unexpected imagery.


Antihuman Ghosh is an Instagrammer from South Africa. His art consists of creating a quirky little imaginary world based around his iPhone.


What would life be like if your best friend was a skeleton? Follow Skellie and find out.


Statements overheard on the streets of New York, amazingly displayed sans context in fancy-pants script. Genius.


This beautiful account showcases books in chaotic, visually arresting and incredibly detailed compositions.


An Instagram account that asks strangers on the subway what they’re reading and what they think of it. Weird, and insanely interesting.


Rich McCor transforms landscapes. And perspectives.


Jason specializes in black and white photography, and while color does make a rare appearance in his feed, the stark whites and deep blacks of his stunning images redefine the concept of the cityscape.

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