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The Rise of the Retail Marketing Machines

POSTED ON: 01/22/15 In-store mobile marketing

A savvy shopper in 2015 needs two hands: one to touch the merchandise, and one to use her smartphone.

Google Shopper Marketing Council research tells us that 84% of smartphone owners use that phone to help shop while in a brick-and-mortar retail location, and that shoppers who frequently use their smartphone in-store spend 40-50% more.

Showrooming notwithstanding, the rise of the smartphone is a huge opportunity for retail marketers to up their in-store game. That intersection of online and offline – that space where digital benefits cross over to the physical shopping experience – can be omnichannel Nirvana.

Retailers that use in-store mobile strategies to create instant, personalized interactions with shoppers will increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty – and profits. (And by the way, give the shopper free WiFi. She expects it.)

This year, we will see unprecedented growth in the mobile in-store technology space. Interactive displays, magic mirrors, beacon technology, smart shelves, wireless sensors and more will all connect to that device in her hand.

It’s already started. Here are 25 things the shopper can do in-store with her smartphone:

  1.  Check a competitor’s price
  2.  Retrieve a coupon
  3.  Email a pic of herself in the outfit she’s considering
  4.  Scan in-store codes for info and deals
  5.  Look at product reviews
  6.  Pay for her purchases
  7.  Receive receipts
  8.  Seek fashion advice among her Facebook friends
  9.  Add to her Pinterest pic collection
  10.  Research a brand’s carbon footprint
  11.  Build a shopping list
  12.  Be alerted to a sale on her favorite yogurt
  13.  Facetime with friends to gather opinions
  14.  Check her bank account
  15.  Text the garage so she can pick up her car
  16.  View a Fashion Week video on YouTube
  17.  Consult an image app
  18.  Tweet about a great deal she’s found
  19.  Download an online recipe for an ingredients list
  20.  Confirm her loyalty points
  21.  Consult store map to find the kitchenware department
  22.  Scan her wish list
  23.  Preview a new CD
  24.  Question a virtual sales rep
  25.  Search for restaurants in the area (for après shopping)

Oh, and she can make a phone call…to gush about her great experience.

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