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Therese Daves Talks Pop-up in New Retail Publication

POSTED ON: 10/25/16 Pop-up Retail

What’s the shopper seeking when she walks through your doors?

That depends upon the shopper, of course. But rest assured it is not simply to buy something.

The modern, wired shopper seeks interactions and connections and stories; not just products. She goes in-store to feel something and discover something. The physical retail environment must now be many things to many shoppers – a destination, a haven, a showroom, an inspiration, an escape, a community.

The just-published Credibly Business Journal* takes an informed and critical look at the necessity of human contact and in-person interactions in today’s physical shopping environments.

“Nailing Your In-Store Strategy” is the second of a three-part series (check out part one here). This new 25-page volume focuses on the value propositions unique to physical retail. The comprehensive issue features insights and challenging perspectives from those on the front lines of retailing and retail marketing.

That includes our own Therese Daves, Medallion Retail President and Owner. (Full disclosure: she runs the place.) Therese walks readers through the evolution of retail pop-up, explaining why this classic marketing tactic is more potent and more critical than ever.

In a frank and in-depth interview, Therese speaks about the beginnings of pop-up (she was there) and shares her perspective on its future.

“The future of retail pop-up is not about technology and virtual reality. Those will factor heavily as channels for experience delivery, I’m sure,” says Therese. “But the experience – the close, authentic, singular, life-enhancing moment between shopper and brand – will always be the heart of the successful retail pop-up.”

Grab the Credibly Business Journal and read the entire interview here.


*Credibly helps businesses get access to loans and working capital. The company caters exclusively to small and medium-sized businesses, striving to make the funding experience affordable, simple and transparent. Credibly combines data science with a human touch, working directly with customers to get them ideal-sized funding.

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