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We Disrupt This Blog for a Special Announcement

POSTED ON: 09/09/15 Retail RIS

Greetings from ENGAGE! 2015!

Which is exactly what I would say if I were physically there. But I’m not.

Lucky for me (and you) my brilliant associates Dona and Jennifer got to make the trip to Florida (which, I think I mentioned, I did not), and they’re prepared to share observations and insights from this important gathering of top retail marketing and technology executives.

Produced by RIS (Retail Info Systems News) and themed Digital Disruption: New Rules for Profit and Growth, ENGAGE! 2015 will focus on the importance of a shopper-centric POV in this era of digital proliferation.  The ever-shifting retail landscape requires nothing less than “…continuous reinvention and transformation.” At the conference, we’ll navigate that landscape, and discover ideas that will lead to more meaningful – and profitable – engagement between retailer and shopper.

Interactive workshops, keynotes and networking sessions with business leaders, industry analysts and retail journalists will empower participants to “…evolve their business skills and organizational capabilities to become indispensable to the connected consumer.”

ENGAGE! 2015 is all about real-time knowledge for the real world of retailing. We’re elated to be at this event, and to have the opportunity to share learnings and impressions. Dona and Jennifer will be our eyes, ears and brains on the conference center floor (not a great visual, but you know what I mean). Engage with us as we ENGAGE! 2015.

  • Check out our Tweets @medallionretail
  • Use the hashtag #2015engage to keep up with the latest conference happenings (and maybe win the “most influential Tweeter” contest)
  • Check out this blog next week for our conference recap and analysis
  • Send us any retail marketing questions you may have, and we’ll tap in to the experts to get a response. (Well, Dona and Jennifer will. Because they are actually there. I am not, which I may have mentioned.)
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