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What Are the Creative Kids Doing?

POSTED ON: 05/30/17 Retail Marketing Creativity

I am very lucky to be surrounded by creative people in both my professional and personal lives. These Makers and problem solvers amaze and inspire me every day with their energy and vision and fearlessness.

In an effort to be more like them, I held a very casual and unscientific focus group to discover how truly creative people do what they do. Here’s what my group of 19 had in common:

They make decisions based on intuition. Creative people often rely on their feelings instead of rational thinking, even when they need to make important decisions regarding various aspects of their lives.

They procrastinate. Many creative thinkers have said they work better under pressure. This makes them often postpone their work until the last minute.

They schedule their days rigorously. It’s a common misconception that one must live completely outside society’s norms in order to be creative. In fact, most creative people have great structure in their lives.

They travel. All people with creative minds seek out new experiences. Travelling enables them to experience new sensations and states of mind.

They observe everything. The world around them is their biggest source of inspiration. Creative people have the ability to see details that others miss.

They wake up early. Early risers make up the clear majority of creative thinkers. Getting up early enables them to avoid distractions and improves their ability to focus.

They read a lot. Reading often fuels imagination. Never question the value of a good article or book.

They exercise regularly. Maintaining a good physical form helps them keep a healthy mind and be more productive.

They create in cycles. Like most things, creativity has its own rhythm. Not even the most creative person has the ability to create all the time.

They play. Playing is not only for children. It shapes the brain, opens the imagination and invigorates the soul. To act like a child means to be as creative as a child.

They take risks. Creative thinkers are risk-takers because they actively seek the road less traveled. Risk-taking is not for everybody, but most creative people thrive on it.

They learn. Driven by their endless curiosity, creative thinkers have a passion for learning and gathering new information.

They spend time alone. Many people fear being alone, but those with a high level of creativity cherish the time they spend alone because they’ve learned it’s the best way to really hear with their inner monologues.

They watch people. They do this because they like to observe, not because they are stalkers. I’m pretty sure.

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