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What Isn’t In-Store Interactivity?

POSTED ON: 05/24/16 In-store Interactivity

“Interaction is achieved when a device, game, website or computer program presents choices in response to a user’s request or action. By making different choices, the user controls the action of the device or the outcome of the game or program,” said every engineer in 1973, or maybe a hardcore Nintendo user in the mid-80s.

Before the rise of the machines, an interaction was simply a verbal or non-verbal exchange between people. If one was teaching a lesson, one was interacting. Gossiping was interacting. So was parent/teacher conferencing, playing Monopoly, sharing a meal and [shudder] participatory theater.

In the 1960s and 70s, computer technology gave that exchange a name – “interactivity” – and altered its context from human-to-human to human-to-machine. And that’s where the definition remained for a few years.

Flash forward to a Maker Faire. A backlash against “cold, isolating” technology and a renewed appreciation for all things authentic shifted the concept of interactivity back into the human space. An interaction is no longer just about technology. Interactivity is again an instrument for human engagement and expression.

It’s also a mandate for retail marketers.

Interactivity is paramount in this era of consumer-driven, multi-platform, experience-based shopping. Retail marketers would be wise to embrace and understand the countless ways brands can and must interact with shoppers.

And by countless, I mean these 53 shopper interaction opportunities:

  1. Price Check
  2. Product Return
  3. Email
  4. Text
  5. Pop-up Ad
  6. “Hello” from the Greeter
  7. Receipt
  8. Sales Associate Encounter
  9. Tech support Call
  10. Product Delivery
  11. Billboard
  12. Phone Solicitation
  13. Gift Wrap
  14. Presentation of the Purchase
  15. TV Ad
  16. Twitter Reply
  17. Online Video
  18. Inspirational Content
  19. Pinterest Page
  20. Snapchat page
  21. How-to Content
  22. Facebook Page
  23. Signage
  24. YouTube
  25. Website Design
  26. Website Experience
  27. Store Entry
  28. Store Window
  29. Print Ad
  30. Sponsorships
  31. Loyalty Program
  32. Check-out Experience
  33. Product Search
  34. App
  35. Store Layout
  36. Display
  37. VIP moment
  38. Concierge Experience
  39. Response / Hold Time
  40. Sale Offers
  41. Digital Pings
  42. Navigation (in-store)
  43. Navigation  (website)
  44. Welcome Beverage
  45. Suggestive Sell
  46. Customer Service (in-person)
  47. Customer Service (online)
  48. Contests / Sweepstakes
  49. Bathroom Cleanliness
  50. In-store Music
  51. Line Wait
  52. Store Departure
  53. Shopping Bag
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