The Medallion
Retail Team

Medallion Retail has been living and breathing retail for more than fifty years, and nothing excites us more than the opportunity to use our knowhow to get your brand the attentionand market shareit deserves.

Meet our awardwinning team.

Terry Daves
Therese Daves President & Owner >
Tom Walther
Tom Walther Vice President, Managing Director >
JP Terlizzi
JP Terlizzi Vice President, Executive Creative Director >
Chris Gordon
Chris Gordon Director of New Business Development & New Accounts >
Dona Peters
Dona Peters Vice President, Strategic Partnerships >
Michael Decker
Michael D. Decker Vice President, Marketing Strategy & Business Development >
John Branda
Katherine Marshall
Katherine Marshall CREATIVE DIRECTOR >
Nicholas Carozza
Nicholas J. Carozza Director, Production Services >
Bradley Daves
Bradley Daves Content Strategist >
Tom Walther Vice President, Managing Director

Adaptive, flexible, focused and forever curious, Tom understands the importance of a strong foundation and forward vision. Part operations expert, part process strategist and part performance coach, he utilizes his business management design and development expertise to map out where Medallion Retail needs to go, and to ensure that development results in an enhanced brand experience for you and your customers. Tom began his career at MTV Networks, where he was part of the award-winning News and Specials Division. He has successfully launched several interactive marketing agencies and served as a business optimization consultant. Clients he has worked with include Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Chase, Condé Nast, Walt Disney and Barnes & Noble.

Tom Walther