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Bringing the Power of the Beauty Vloggers In-Store

POSTED BY: Katy Marshall on 05/16/18 beauty vloggers

Vlogging, or video blogging, is revolutionizing the beauty market. Social media influencers with YouTube channels and Instagram feeds are raking in funds – often enough to subsidize an entire career – to make videos promoting brands. Beauty vloggers dedicate hours to craft videos where they demonstrate makeup trends and hairstyles and do brand comparisons. In

Strategy, In-store Experience, Signage, Display

Empowerment at Floor Level – Flexible Signage and Display

POSTED BY: JP Terlizzi on 05/11/18

Nimble. Flexible. Responsive. These are the buzzwords of today’s brand and retailer. These characteristics drive brand websites, social media pages, inventory management, and even employee teams. But are you optimizing the nimbleness and responsiveness of the flexible signage and display on your selling floor? Or do you put up signs only to leave them in

flexible signage and display
In-store Experience, Signage, Display

Fetching New Opportunities: Improving the Pet Store Experience

POSTED BY: JP Terlizzi on 05/01/18

Fido, Buddy, Mr. Cat, Crackers the bird. Americans adore their pets. Millennials, owning 35% of all pets, especially consider themselves more than just pet owners. They’re pet parents,lovingly referring to Spot as their precious child and demanding nothing short of perfection in their pet store experience. So when 68% of American households own a pet, it’s

pet store experience
Strategy, In-store Experience, Shopper Moments, Transformation, Brand Building

How Healthy Is Your Promotion of Wellness In-store?

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 04/18/18

Time was you only went to the drugstore when you felt under the weather or needed a prescription refilled. Today’s drug stores have evolved and expanded to extensively cover almost every part of our lives: medications, health and beauty offerings, pantry staples, office supplies, and more, so much more in the promotion of wellness in-store.

wellness in-store
Strategy, Transformation, Brand Building, Launches

The Rise of the Microbrands

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 04/12/18

Across the country, a dichotomy is taking place on store shelves: well-known (and well-funded) products are now elbow to elbow with small, emerging microbrands. The up-and-comers aren’t necessarily spin-offs, developed in the R&D facility of some large conglomerate. These new brands have risen from the grassroots level, developed by entrepreneurs with passion and irreplaceable local

Strategy, Shopper Moments, Display

Inspiring Consumer Purchases with Emotion Driven DIY Projects

POSTED BY: Chris Gordon on 04/02/18

DIY projects are driven by emotion. People put their hearts and souls behind knitting the perfect sweater, installing a much-needed shelving unit or planting a sustainable garden. The results are objects to share, to gift and to experience with pride – nothing beats the feeling of “I did that.”  In many ways, do it yourself

do it yourself projects
Strategy, In-store Experience

The Mass Merch Scaling Challenge: Urban Shoppers

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 03/20/18

Mass merch scaling. It seems like everyone is headed for the city, mass merchandisers included. Typically suburban-based, megastores like Kmart and Costco have traditionally subsisted on a broad swath of the population buying anything and everything within their doors. But now these physical giants need to expand their thinking and their store portfolio. It’s time

mass merch scaling
Strategy, Creativity, In-store Experience, Shopper Moments, Brand Building

The Art of Thriving: Why Some Brick and Mortar Retailers Do and Others Don’t

POSTED BY: Therese Daves on 03/16/18

5 Differentiating Strategies for Brick and Mortar Survival It’s a popular myth that brick and mortar retail is nearing extinction; in reality, strong strategies and effective execution can support thriving in-store retail. Brick and mortar survival is simply a matter of differentiation. Proof abounds. Amazon invested millions into its brick and mortar rollout. Fashion eyewear

brick and mortar
Strategy, In-store Experience, Signage

Gearing Up for Seasonal Sports Rushes: How to Get Your Store Ready

POSTED BY: JP Terlizzi on 03/06/18

Sports products are predictable in their selling season: footballs, soccer cleats and field hockey equipment in fall; basketballs, hockey sticks and ski gear in winter; baseball gloves, golf clubs and tennis racquets in spring.  Seasonal sports rushes are a fact of life for the sporting goods category. This consistency in shopper need, season after season

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