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Blending Work and Play Through Workplace Pop-Ups

POSTED BY: Michael Decker on 08/10/18 workplace pop-ups

Across the nation, millions of people are locked into work every day from 9 to 5 – and often even longer. For retailers, this time frame coincides almost exactly with their stores’ hours of operation. But there’s a new way to reach this largely untapped consumer audience around work hours — workplace pop-ups. From co-working

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How Retail Technology Helps Mass Merch Make Human Connections

POSTED BY: JP Terlizzi on 08/07/18

Technology is everywhere. We pay with our smartphones, ask a virtual assistant for a weather update and keep our lives on an invisible cloud. And that’s just as consumers. But what about retail technology? In the retail space, companies constantly use retail technology to improve the shopper experience – both online and off. And for

retail technology
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Retail Showrooms: Taking Retail Experiences to New Heights

POSTED BY: Therese Daves on 08/02/18

Guide shops. Neighborhood hubs. Retail showrooms. Call them what you will, these show-and-tell centers are all leading shoppers to the same destination: an interactive and experiential in-store visit. The impact of retail showrooms is being felt across the retail spectrum. It used to be that bigger was better. Look at Macy’s—the grand dame of retail

retail experiences
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Bridging the Touch-Feel Gap with Pop-Ups

POSTED BY: Katy Marshall on 07/31/18

The smell of a fresh croissant. The feel of lush velvet. The strum of the guitar in a familiar song. Every day, the five senses transport our thoughts, impact our memories and create emotional connections. Driving our emotions and our experiences, these senses have stopping power and lasting influence – and are an incredibly valuable

emotional connections
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Athleisure Isn’t Going Away, It’s Going Up

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 07/25/18

Sports brands aren’t just for athletes anymore. Athleisure has been disrupting the sports and fashion industries for some time. But now this trend is gaining massive momentum beyond the confines of these two sectors. In 2016, for the first time ever, leggings outpaced jeans in online sales, marking a huge shift towards athleisure casualwear. Consider that

On Retail Time

On Retail Time: The Power of People in the Pop-Up Experience

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 07/25/18

Episode Topic Description: In a growing landscape of experiential marketing initiatives, many can underestimate and sometimes completely overlook the power of people in connecting with your audience, elevating your brand and successfully driving the experience. In todays On Retail Time podcast we speak with Lauren Raimondi, CEO of All Aces Promotional Staffing on just how

Strategy, Creativity, In-store Experience, Shopper Moments, Pop-up

Plants, Fizz and the Pursuit of Healthiness at the 2018 Fancy Food Show

POSTED BY: Chris Gordon on 07/10/18

Three days. Six football fields of walking, 2,600 exhibitor stands, 200,000 specialty products. Eating our way through the 2018 Fancy Food Show was an exhausting – yet delicious – task. The event was never more timely. The specialty food market is on the rise, marking 12.9% growth and $140.3 billion in sales in 2017. Compare that

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Squeezed by Retail Returns: E-commerce’s Bane Is Brick & Mortar’s Advantage

POSTED BY: Michael Decker on 07/05/18

Like so many bad habits, it started out innocently. First it was two, then it became four. Before you knew it, it was up to eight. At first, it felt like a dirty little secret. Now, it’s out in the open: a point of pride, even. It’s not video gaming or vaping, it’s returning e-commerce

retail returns
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Shopping Physical Stores: The New Fashion Retail Experience Is About Service, Not Products

POSTED BY: Katy Marshall on 06/26/18

We’ve been told the opposite again and again, but the truth is consumers still like shopping – and they still enjoy shopping physical stores. In a survey of consumers across age groups and genders, 27% of all consumers found that shopping for clothing and apparel was the most fun, and across all age groups, about a

shopping physical stores
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