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Customer Loyalty Programs: The Most Effective Tool in Your Marketing Arsenal

Posted on: 09/18/20 Customer Loyalty Programs

If your wallet has ever looked anything like mine, chances are that at one point in time it was loaded with stacks of customer loyalty cards. In those early days of customer loyalty programs, it was on the customer to pull out that card and present it at the point of purchase to get a

Strategy, Fulfillment

Choosing a Fulfillment Partner: 7 Things to Consider First

Posted on: 09/03/20

Anticipate growth Growth is something every e-commerce brand strives for. Growth, and more of it. So why, then, do so many wait until they’re in the thick of that growth to begin thinking about how to address inventory and fulfillment? Is this a “careful what you wish for” moment? It’s been exciting to see your

Consider these things before choosing a Fulfillment Partner
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Discovery and Disruption: Supermarkets Can Break the Routine with DTC

Posted on: 08/19/20

The Routine is Real No matter how nice a grocery store is, at some point the “been there, done that” monotony of shopping trips can be pretty uninspiring…especially when you realize you’ve been contemplating salad dressing for more than five minutes. After a while, even the most fervent foodies tire of the weekly slog up

Strategy, Creativity, In-store Experience, Signage, Display, In-Store Signage

Shopping Mall Adaptive Reuse: The Phoenix Will Rise

Posted on: 08/04/20

Imagine driving to an arboretum, walking through a botanical garden and observing the slow movements of students in a Tai Chi class. You walk past a farmers market and make a mental note to pick up some locally grown peaches on your return. Your short walk brings you to a building, and after a quick

Strategy, Creativity, Pop-up, Brand Building

Home Fitness Finds New Purpose for Pop-Up

Posted on: 07/21/20

When the coronavirus forced nonessential businesses to shut down in March, gyms and fitness centers were among the retail casualties. And it was kind of remarkable how quickly consumers adapted to a Netflix-and-swill lifestyle. But the warmer weather has meant bringing out the lighter clothes—and for many Americans, the daily guessing game over which clothes

Strategy, Brand Building

Pickup & Home Delivery: Marketing Opportunities in the Bag

Posted on: 07/08/20

The coronavirus pandemic has had a substantial effect on retail. But it’s also provided retailers with unconventional marketing opportunities. Consider that delivery and pickup options have grown as consumers have sought safer and more convenient methods of collecting their purchases. It’s through these alternatives that the chance has emerged for brands to provide discovery and

Marketing Opportunities
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5 Reasons In-Store Signage Is More Important Than Ever

Posted on: 06/17/20

The best brick-and-mortar stores have always prided themselves on giving consumers reasons to return. From store design and layout to product selection and customer service, it’s been about creating an experience that surprises and delights enough to drive return visits. But the COVID-19 pandemic has left shoppers uncertain about where they can stand, what they

In-store signage, In-store safety practices, Shopper behavior, Retail signage, Retail marketing, Retail strategy, In-store shopping
Strategy, Creativity, In-store Experience, Signage, Display, Brand Building

New Norms/New Pathways to Purchase

Posted on: 06/04/20

As Stores Reopen: 5 Points of Consideration Sometimes out of crisis, there arises opportunity. COVID-19 forced a shutdown for most retailers across the nation. Now, as many brick-and-mortar stores plan their reopenings, they’re realizing just how much of a whole new world it really is out there. Merchants have to assess their own situations and

Strategy, In-store Experience, Signage

Signs of the Times

Posted on: 05/19/20

Back when the coronavirus shutdown began in the U.S. (was it really just two months ago?), consumers who ventured to the few retailers deemed essential were met with safety protocol signage in the form of handwritten signs regarding mandatory masks or new hours, and taped X’s on sidewalks and store floors served as rudimentary directives

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