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The Mass Merch Scaling Challenge: Urban Shoppers

POSTED BY: Dona Peters on 03/20/18 mass merch urban scaling

Mass merch scaling. It seems like everyone is headed for the city, mass merchandisers included. Typically suburban-based, megastores like Kmart and Costco have traditionally subsisted on a broad swath of the population buying anything and everything within their doors. But now these physical giants need to expand their thinking and their store portfolio. It’s time

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The Art of Thriving: Why Some Retailers Do and Others Don’t

POSTED BY: Therese Daves on 03/16/18

5 Differentiating Strategies for Brick and Mortar Survival It’s a popular myth that brick and mortar retail is nearing extinction; in reality, strong strategies and effective execution can support thriving in-store retail. Brick and mortar survival is simply a matter of differentiation. Proof abounds. Amazon invested millions into its brick and mortar rollout. Fashion eyewear

brick and mortar survival
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Gearing Up for Seasonal Sports Rushes: How to Get Your Store Ready

POSTED BY: JP Terlizzi on 03/06/18

Sports products are predictable in their selling season: footballs, soccer cleats and field hockey equipment in fall; basketballs, hockey sticks and ski gear in winter; baseball gloves, golf clubs and tennis racquets in spring.  Seasonal sports rushes are a fact of life for the sporting goods category. This consistency in shopper need, season after season

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Combatting Meal Kits — How to Get the Grocery Shopper Back to the Store

POSTED BY: Chris Gordon on 03/01/18

Blue Apron. HelloFresh. Green Chef. The food world is getting a makeover. Meal kit delivery services are waging a battle to take over consumers’ kitchens and wallets. The appeal is clear. These delivery kits eliminate the hassle of a grocery store trip, save consumers precious time, ensure quality fresh ingredients and create a fun cooking

Meal Kits
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Personalizing the Retail Fashion Experience

POSTED BY: Katy Marshall on 02/21/18

Some purchases are generic: chewing gum, a phone charger, paper towels. Others are deeply personal. And it doesn’t get more personal than retail fashion. Inherently, your clothes and accessories are about who you want to be to the world. They broadcast your personality, your tastes, your regard for yourself. As such, they’re as personal and personalized as

Strategy, Creativity, In-store Experience, Shopper Moments, Display

Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries: A Modern Lesson in Retail

POSTED BY: Michael Decker on 02/16/18

When legalized recreational marijuana burst onto the scene across eight states, a whole new category of retailer emerged too: recreational marijuana dispensaries. Long gone are the days of sketchy head shops with dark paneling, dim lighting and dodgy-looking shelves. In contrast, today’s recreational marijuana storefronts are crisp and transparent. Displays are clean and attractive, beckoning

Marijuana Dispensaries
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Video Premier: What’s In-Store? “Retail Places / Community Spaces”

POSTED BY: Michael Decker on 01/26/18

Want to give your customers something to experience and remember? Medallion’s first episode of What’s In-Store? shows you how to turn your retail places into community spaces to genuinely engage your customers. Our new VLOG series looks at real-world retail challenges and offers actionable solutions that bring customers to your doors. Take a look!  

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Nine Questions to Ensure Effective Retail Store Merchandising

POSTED BY: Bradley Daves on 01/23/18

How many times have you heard a shopper exclaim, “Those Rococo-inspired chairs in the corner make me want to buy sweaters in every color you have!”? Never. Because it’s retail store merchandising, not retail store decorating. Interior decorating speaks to creating comfortable and stimulating environments for living and working. It’s a matter of taste and

In-store Experience, Shopper Moments

Privacy and the Ideal Shopper Experience

POSTED BY: Bradley Daves on 01/09/18

We know that consumers prefer shopping in physical stores, and that the shopper experience is paramount. Ergo, retail marketers, the answer is simple: shower your guests with attention. Unless she wants you to leave her alone. The shopper is giving mixed signals. And that’s her prerogative. She doesn’t want to be ignored. But she also

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