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Pop-Up Prevails: Key Points of Reentry into Retail

Right now, there are 10 things on my shopping list. None of these are even remotely related to cosmetics, apparel or jewelry. I don’t think I’m alone in this. Our shopping needs at the moment are focused on necessities, like

customer experience

Gateway Retail: Reach Your Customers Where They Go

For years, retailers have targeted consumers where they live, work and play. But when customers visit a different environment, the opportunity to reach them expands exponentially. Retailers can capitalize on brand connections—made through gateway retail moments—by offering emotional and purchase-inspiring

Health and Beauty

Health and Beauty Retail Goes for a Greener Audience

Over the years, the number of natural health and beauty products has exploded. And what was once a health-food store category is now universally appealing, with premium-quality offerings. Perhaps 10-15 years ago, natural beauty products in a mainstream store was

window display

Window Display Goes Big Just in Time for Holiday

In a world where we are bombarded with constant information, art is still one of the biggest forms of inspiration. When harnessed in the retail sphere, art draws customers in, evokes emotion and tells a story. Window display is a

fitness retail

Fitness Retail Gets Shopping Centers Into Shape

Wouldn’t it be great to work out, socialize, grab a juice, and go grocery shopping—and do it all at the same location? Ten years ago, you might have to drive all over town to check off all of your errands

medical retail

The New Face of Medical Retail: From Primary Care to Point of Sale

Prior to the wellness boom, most people would only visit a doctor for the dreaded annual physical, or when something felt seriously wrong. There were clear lines separating medical and merchandise—but these lines are now blurring. With an increasing shift

social cause

Social Cause Captures the Imagination of the 8-second Generation: Pop-up Retail Delivers

You’ve only got eight seconds. Yup, you read that right. Gen Z, otherwise known as the iGeneration, is busy manifesting a highly evolved, eight second filter in assessing what’s worthy of their attention. That means that every second counts, and social

gendered marketing

Tech Just for Her: Does Gendered Marketing Work in Tech?

Inclusivity. A big trend hitting retail over the past year. Gender neutrality and gender fluidity are permeating product offerings and retail displays. But at the same exact time, another contradictory trend is impacting the retail space – particularly in the consumer

home decorating

Why Old School and New School Home Decorating and Home Goods Brands Need to Team Up to Reach Millennials

If you’re a millennial, you’ve probably come across a targeted Instagram ad for new home decorating icon Buffy comforters. Or perhaps you saw the Casper mattress ad campaign on your daily subway commute. Maybe your friend is sporting some new kitchen tools from

retail trends

New Year, New Ideas: The Five Biggest Retail Trends We Expect in 2019

For all its ups and downs, 2018 saw a lot of interesting retail trends. But now that the bubbly has stopped flowing and the sparklers have fizzled out, we’re taking out our crystal ball to look into 2019 retail trends.

retail storytelling

Retail Storytelling: Uniting Products Under a Theme

The Night Before Christmas, The Polar Express, The Gift of the Magi, Love & Latkes. Who doesn’t love a great story? During the holidays, everyone cuddles up with our favorite seasonal stories. Now, storytelling is extending to how you merchandise, not

80/20 rule

Physical Retail’s 80/20 Rule Is Rapidly Changing. Is Your Store Ready?

The 80/20 rule for brick and mortar stores meant stocking their shelves with 80% basics and 20% items that would delight and surprise shoppers. E-commerce changed that balance. With a click on your device, you can instantly order everything from

shopping technology

Leveraging In-Store Shopping Technology

These days, who doesn’t shop without a smartphone glued to their hand or tucked into a pocket? Rather than fight the wave of smartphone apps or limit technology to the check-out area, brick-and-mortar brands should join the rising tide. In-store

retail sales staff

Retail Sales Staff Training: Your On-Site and Online Secret Weapon

A user-friendly site. Chat features. Strong images. E-commerce retailers have been using these UX tactics and more to humanize the online shopping experience. But all told, in the realm of personal warmth, human interaction, humor and caring, e-commerce can’t stand toe-to-toe with the in-store experience…and it probably never will. You may

retail experiences

Retail Showrooms: Taking Retail Experiences to New Heights

Guide shops. Neighborhood hubs. Retail showrooms. Call them what you will, these show-and-tell centers are all leading shoppers to the same destination: an interactive and experiential in-store visit. The impact of retail showrooms is being felt across the retail spectrum.


Double the Opportunity: The Beauty of a Store-Within-A-Store

Pop-ups don’t have to break the bank. And they don’t have to be miles away either. More and more, we’re seeing retailers setting up dedicated brand space for new partners – all within the convenience of their stores. These store-within-a-store,

Best Buy

A Case Study in Evolving: How Best Buy Survived to Thrive

Electronics stores are dead. Or so we thought. Best Buy, against all odds, has fought its way back to become once again a thriving electronics chain.  Since they had a leadership switch in 2012, Best Buy’s shares have rocketed from

mall pop-ups

Reinventing the Mall with Pop-Ups

Recognizing that their survival depends on evolution, malls are taking a new look at how to engage shoppers. The result?  Mall pop-ups are back. In the past, mall operators would rarely consider allowing a pop-up inside their hallowed halls, instead


This Year’s Winning Brands: Retail Lessons from the Best SXSW Pop-ups

Big festivals and conferences are the ultimate battle ground for pop-up retail, pulling in massive audiences of consumers and the media, all waiting to be wowed. They’re some of the best places to build enticing activations to grab attention and

do it yourself projects

Inspiring Consumer Purchases with Emotion Driven DIY Projects

DIY projects are driven by emotion. People put their hearts and souls behind knitting the perfect sweater, installing a much-needed shelving unit or planting a sustainable garden. The results are objects to share, to gift and to experience with pride