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Inventory & Fulfillment

From our perspective, it’s not retail marketing service until the goods have been delivered—literally.

Receipt, consolidation, delivery—these are things you don’t have to think about when you partner with us. The Inventory Fulfillment Solutions (IFS) Team manages your inventory with care and efficiency.

Our 10,000-square-foot IFS management center fields and fulfills tailored, complicated pick-and-packs and ships them worldwide, as well as stores your products for the short- and long-term in our warehouse. And our customer service center provides one-on-one assistance, whether you need flexibility in shipping complete or percentages of your order or need to plan and cost deliveries and shipments.

We will receive, verify, count, sort, document, control and track all of your materials—and we keep you updated every step of the way.

inventory and fullfilment
  • Customized Kit Packing
  • Daily Order Fulfillment
  • Program Management
  • Dedicated Customer Service
  • Warehousing
  • Custom Reporting
Rich Jonason

A big element of our work is communication. I speak with clients daily, answering questions about shipments and deliveries and providing reports about store orders, inventory and backorders. My job is to provide real-time solutions.

—Rich Jonason, MANAGER