Retail Marketing Strategy | What’s Your Shopper Marketing Strategy?

Retail Marketing Strategy

Insights and analytics, QR and AR…With Medallion Retail, you’ll answer the question, How will you engage your shoppers?

We capitalize on our deep understanding of the retail landscape to deliver fully integrated and inviting customer-centric, in-store experiences.

In developing a comprehensive strategy, we will help you analyze your consumer behavior and articulate your in-store marketing goals.
Our powerful (and tireless!) creative service will bring that strategy to life.

retail marketing strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • Retail Audit & Competitive Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • In-Store Experience Development
  • Pop-Up Retail

QR codes have a world of opportunity to offer marketers looking to create relatively inexpensive, immersive, and diverse campaigns. And boy, have we got some great ideas to inspire you. Download our comprehensive Marketer’s Guide to QR Codes and discover page after page of insights and strategies in marketing with QR codes. Ideas that can quickly be deployed with fast and effective results!