Retail Marketing Strategy | What’s Your Shopper Marketing Strategy?

Retail Marketing Strategy

Insights and analytics, beacons and sensors… What will you do with it all?
Medallion Retail combines new technology and old-school smarts to speak directly to those who matter most: your shoppers.

We tap into our deep understanding of retail marketing, advertising, consumer behavior, in-store/out-of-store visual storytelling and retail environments to deliver fully integrated (and fully engaging!) Shopper Moments.

We create a comprehensive shopper marketing strategy by helping you analyze your
customer and articulate your in-store marketing objectives. We bring that strategy to life
with powerful creative and always-on service.

retail marketing strategy
  • Print & Digital Design
  • Retail Signage Programs
  • Point-of-Sale Messaging
  • Visual Merchandising
  • In-Store Experience Development
  • Fixture & Display Strategy
  • Planning
  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Concept & Vendor Shop Design
  • Pop-Up Retail
  • Guidelines & Toolkits
Noelle Pistilli
Today’s educated and wired shopper demands a customizable in-store experience. Our job is to figure out just what that is, and how to make it happen. —Noelle Pistilli, Senior Project Manager