MR Pop-Up Is the Boisterous Kid Brother to Medallion Retail and Is Completely Devoted to Pop-Up Retail

The company-within-a-company was founded on the knowledge that shoppers crave meaningful, in-person interactions with retail brands, and pop-up retail is the most powerful way to make those connections happen.

Imagine a surprise birthday party.

Now picture it on a roller coaster while holding a winning lottery ticket. Add a Pug puppy and a baby tasting bacon for the very first time. Your new best friends Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson and Betty White are there, joyfully waving their hands in the air because you – yes, you! – have arrived at that exquisite place where VIP meets OMG.

That should be the feeling you’re going for.

A good pop-up shop is the effective blending of experiential marketing, branding, commerce and guerilla tactics. But in this era of the wise and wired shopper, “good” isn’t good enough.

It’s gotta be great.