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A Retail Marketing Love Story

POSTED ON: 02/12/15 Ready to take your relationship with your shopper to the next level?

Dear Retailer,

We need to have a heart-to-heart. I guess the best thing is to just come right out and say it.

It’s not her. It’s you.

She’s a little bored, somewhat unsatisfied, a bit restless. But whose fault is that? Your shopper wants more – and you’re not delivering.

It’s not your brick and mortar she’s tired of. While she’s been enticed by the intriguing suitor that is online shopping, the majority of retail sales still takes place offline. No, the problem is that your shopper wants more. She’s changed. She’s grown. She wants a real relationship, or nothing at all.

At first, she was totally into you. All you had to do was flash a come-hither look and a “sale” sign, and she was there. You didn’t have to work that hard; she was naive and you had what she wanted. Those days are gone.

There is hope, though. You can re-win her heart. Not with empty gestures and grand promises, but with sensitivity and authenticity and commitment. Give her the in-store experience she so desperately craves.

Let her talk. Your shopper needs to know that she’s being heard. Give her opportunities to speak up, and let her have a voice in how the relationship unfolds. Communicate with her as if she were an equal partner. Because she is.

Show that you care. This is a romance; treat it like one. Demonstrate your appreciation for her at every interaction. Reward her loyalty. Be there when she needs you. Let your shopper know, again and again, that she made the right choice when she picked you.

Make it “just for her.” Your shopper needs to feel like she’s the one and only. She wants to be secure in the knowledge that you get her; you know her likes, her favorites, her dreams. Make it personal, and show her that in your eyes she is unique.

Get engaged. I know; it’s a big step. But now’s the time. Your shopper needs a relationship that is real and ongoing. Commit to making her life better, more interesting, more colorful, more fulfilling. Think about how you are going to satisfy her in the years to come.

Go get her!  All’s fair in love and retail.

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