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Size Matters in Retail Marketing

POSTED ON: 11/25/14 SizeMatters.jpg

Hey, what’s the big idea?

An eternal question, asked by 1940s film noir dames and shopper marketing types in 2014.

They are elusive things, those big ideas. Groups gather to storm them out; books offer advice about how to tap into what ever side of the brain is currently popular; gurus pontificate about creating conducive environments.

But how do you know when the concept you have makes weight? I believe a big idea is like pornography; you know it when you see it. It’s hard to say what a big idea is; words like “smart,” “surprising” and “elegant” don’t seem to do the concept justice. So here are Five Things the Big Idea Isn’t.


Big refers to the breadth of the concept, not the size of execution. The marketing idea that stands out in the retail space is big in the Aha! sense. It connects a consumer to a brand in a way that feels fresh and universal.


The most effective line between a shopper and product is a straight one. As a retail marketer, you’re working to drive a consumer to action; the directions should be clear and streamlined. There is great beauty – and power – in the simple.


A gigantic idea does not have to carry a huge price tag. Anyone can throw bucks at a marketing challenge. The efficient idea maker taps into emotion – not the wallet – to create a moment that delights, moves or amuses the consumer and builds the brand.


People are connected today not by just their place in the world, but by their shared needs, causes, desires and passions. When making ideas, don’t be bound by geography. Focus on connecting with the shopper, then identify and interact with communities by where they live in their hearts.


Life is lived at hyper speed; attention spans are short and shopper expectations are high. Consumers want bite-sized retail experiences (so much the better to post or tweet about). Get in, sell the brand, and get out. It’s the relationships that you want to be long lasting, not your marketing moment.

How will you think big when facing your next shopper marketing challenge?

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